Success Stories

The following are stories and nice words from some of my amazing clients


Valeri helped me develop systems that allow me to free up my time and do what I love to do

It’s really easy to observe the running of your own business and think – “Yeah I got this.”

But it’s also really easy to get caught up in stuff that keeps you so busy that you have to believe that you got it, because everything is ticking along.

That’s where I was six months ago when I started working with Valeri Hall Little from intandem productivity. I had no idea then just how many opportunities I was missing, just how much technology could help me, and just how much easier things could be.

Valeri has helped me develop systems that allows me to free up my time to do what I love to do, and to do the things I don’t like to do a whole lot faster and better. The most exciting change is the automation she’s brought to some of our offerings that help my clients have a better experience and help my team collaborate more effectively.

I recommend that any business owner who wants real clarity over how they do things, hire Valeri at intandem. I may not have it all figured out yet, but thanks to Valeri, I can say with confidence that “Yeah… I got this!”

Janine Harris, Executive Producer
Keyring Media


The game-changer is the decreased stress and the elevated productivity. Every day, I get more done

It was my 5th year as an entrepreneur. I was stuck. I could not figure out how to get to the next level.

But Valeri saw the issues in a heartbeat, with that laser eye of hers. Once she painted a visual of my operations for me, everything started to change. We began building an efficient, enabling foundation.

I’m so much more productive now, it’s night and day.

Letting my guard down, letting her in behind the scenes to see the weakest points of my business – that was a big scary step. But she made it clear I’m not alone with these issues and that helped. She taught, she explained, she pointed out better ways.

So now all the pieces work better. But the game-changer is the decreased stress and the elevated productivity. Every day, I get more done.

Plus, she taught me new habits. Without them, I’d still be spinning in that hamster wheel (oh no, I’m behind on my HST return, again!). And she was a portal to her fantastic resources, which I used and will go to again.

Last but not least? I’m getting a higher close rate on new prospects, because she helped me understand the power of having packages for my services. Woo hoo – fatter bottom line!

Susan Toth, Professional Organizer
Found It Organizing Solutions


Valeri instantly grasped the end result … and she nailed it.

lornebabiukAfter seven successful years in the moving industry, we were looking for a pro to help us take our business to the next level. Valeri was the stand-out choice. It wasn’t just that she was receptive, focused, and clearly competent – although that helped! It was how she instantly grasped what we were trying to achieve, our whole growth plan.

Valeri dug deep into the intricacies of how we run our business – asking us questions we’d never thought of – then mapping and documenting our processes. With the operations manual she created, a stranger could walk into our business and carry out every step of our operations, in any situation.

As a growing business, having a documented set of repeatable procedures is critical. It’s made us scalable, even franchise-able. It means we can walk confidently into meetings with investors or bankers. We’re no longer in that risky place where we’re dependent on the knowledge in the heads of a few individuals – we’ve leapt past that plateau.

As I write today, our new website is going live. This is when Valeri’s hard work will really pay off. With our new procedures, we’ll be tracking the customer journey from first contact, to successful move, to ongoing services such as storage. Hello, lead generation!

Thank you, Valeri!

Lorne Babiuk, Owner
Firemen Movers


Now my systems are in order, I’m zoning in on profitability.

photo of Rachael Kalinsky, President of Order in the HouseMy problem was, my business took off! And I could only keep up by working 24/7. I’m extremely organized in my client work, but the chink in my armour was business processes.

We started with a system map of my business, from first phone call from a prospect to finished project with a client. Valeri assigned a green, yellow, or red sticker to every step; we took on the reds first.

Now, instead of a tangle of spreadsheets, I have invoicing software … a CRM system … templated responses to most of the emails I receive. And I can delegate now; I have contractors who help me with areas like social media and admin. Things that used to take 20 minutes take one.

It’s fantastic that I’m more in control of my business and I have more time to myself. But it’s also a gift that keeps on giving! I’m now planning an analysis of where I make my money, where I’m most profitable, and how to capitalize on that, to grow faster and better. I never could have done that without Valeri.

Rachael Stafford, President
Order in the House


I walked away feeling like a weight had been lifted

K JamiesonI just finished having a ‘mini in-box makeover’ session with, Valeri. The first thing we covered was probably the most important…changing my mindset around how I think of email.

Over the years I have developed different ways of handing my overflowing inbox and for me it meant creating more folders than I’d like to admit. In my one-on-one session with Valeri I learned that I can now effectively ‘process’ my incoming mail everyday with only 3 folders.

In the hour that Valeri spent with me, I learned valuable tips on how and when to fit email into my day so that it doesn’t take away from my productive working time. We even discussed other tools to help streamline the workflow in my business. I walked away feeling like a weight had been lifted and definitely more in control of how to effectively handle what has become such a big part of my workday!

Kimberly Jamieson, Internet Marketing Expert
WSI Digital Marketing


We now have concrete action steps to help us manage our inboxes

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 7.00.08 PMValeri was really friendly and involved our whole team in the Email Ninja lunch + learn session. She didn’t let any one person dominate the conversation – which can be difficult given the dynamic of our group. Valeri challenged people to really think about how they currently use email. We now have concrete action steps to help us manage our inboxes better.

I would recommend Valeri to business owners who need to get their email systems under control and their teams using it more effectively and efficiently.

Michaela Tokarski, Founder + President
Creekside Communications


I’ve reduced my clutter by more than 75%

Photo of Anita WindismanI thought I was already pretty organized but Valeri took me to a whole new level.

I’ve reduced my clutter by more than 75% and now have a calm and streamlined physical home office in addition to a more organized hard drive.

As a result of working with Valeri, I’m much more aware of what I physically save and now I’m motivated to streamline my home office even more by going more “digital”.

Valeri knows her stuff. She’s very knowledgeable and systematic … and very personable and fun too!

Anita Windisman, President
One of a Kind Marketing


I’ve learned new skills and tech tools

Photo of Lorrie McKeeAs a result of my sessions with Valeri, I’ve learned new skills and tech tools to help me better manage my time and workload.  I’m now working more efficiently, both personally and with my team.

Her easy non-judgmental approach and sense that she’s seen “people like me” before, always put me at ease. I never felt singled out or incompetent.

Valeri understands the pressures of life-work balance. She takes a practical and realistic approach to work. The one thing I valued was that she always listened to me so she could fully understand my work style, my issues and my needs.  From there she offered solutions that would help me better organize my workload and easily delegate to my team.

Practice and discipline can be a challenge. But I know the systems and tools Valeri has shown me will help me work more productively.

I’d definitely recommend Valeri if you want to get more done in your day!

Lorrie McKee, Director, Public Affairs and Stakeholder Relations
Greater Toronto Airports Authority


I’m more in control of my business

Photo of Cathy MannValeri helped me set up processes for things like project management and scheduling to make my life easier. Having the back-end of my business in control also makes me look more
 professional to my clients.

Since working with Valeri, I’m less overwhelmed by my email inbox. My digital as well as paper files
 are far more organized and I have a system I can follow. All of this is reassuring because it means I can get on with doing what I love in my business … helping my clients change the world by raising more money.

I would highly recommend Valeri any day.  She “gets” small business owners. She’s not judgmental and helped me in a calm, supportive manner.

Cathy Mann, Fundraising Consultant
Cathy Mann & Associates Inc.


Valeri uncovered opportunities I couldn’t see

Photo of Nadine NicholsonAs an entrepreneur, my productivity has a direct impact on my bottom line, both for my business and my lifestyle. I knew I could be doing things better and that’s where Valeri came in. I hired her to objectively assess my productivity in three critical areas – digital, time and workspace. I walked away with a manageable list of practical changes customized to my needs and stage of business. Even better, Valeri didn’t treat me like a formula.

She genuinely got to know my business and how I work, and gave me wise recommendations based on my needs and working style. Valeri has a wealth of knowledge to help you use leverage technology in practical ways to make you work smarter. She makes it real, tangible and achievable. Valeri helped me uncover opportunities that I couldn’t see myself. You’ll get your investment back in a heartbeat.

Nadine Nicholson, Business Strategist


I now feel better able to use technology to keep me organized

I hired Valeri to assess digital efficiency and workspace organization. Her evaluation was thorough and detailed. I appreciated the clarity around action items that were achievable. Two key sessions with Valeri provided me with the more knowledge around utilizing systems available to me (i-phone, email, etc…) and an organized work space.

Valeri’s expertise is truly valuable and has direct impact on business productivity. I recommend hiring her. She will identify opportunities you’re not even aware of.

Dawn D’Agostini, Director
Janssen Pharmaceuticals