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Project Management ImageQ. I’m a new entrepreneur just getting started in my business. I need software to track the status and deadlines of multiple projects. I want the ability to have an overview of all my projects at a glance. It needs to be user friendly and has to work on a Mac. Any suggestions?

Michelle, Toronto ON

Great question, Michelle. Tracking multiple projects is key to being organized and on top of your time and your work. Many small business owners fall into the trap of using their calendars to track their tasks. This is not effective. Calendars should only be used to schedule tasks and appointments.

One great online project management tool is called TeamworkPM. It’s a web-based project management tool for freelancers and small teams that do client work. Because it’s web-based you don’t have to install any software, it works on a Mac and a PC, and you can access it from anywhere (read: freedom to work remotely).

Here’s an overview of the top 3 features:

Project Management

  • view all your projects at a glance
  • activity streams show recent activity and upcoming milestones
  • easily navigate to each project for full details
  • exportable formats

Task Management

  • assign tasks to team members (or yourself!)
  • prioritize tasks
  • create recurring tasks

Time Tracking

  • time each activity with the timer (also a desktop app) or enter it later
  • keep track of all time spent on each project
  • separate out billable and non-billable time
  • create reports

Teamwork PM has many other features that will help you manage your projects. Other entrepreneurs I know use it to communicate with their virtual assistants.

There is a Free Plan, which includes 2 projects and 10 MB of storage. This is a great way to try out the tool. You can upgrade from there if you like it.

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