Welcome to your Business Survival Kit!

A gift from me to you.


Business Systems Checklist :: Use this checklist to inventory current and missing systems in your business.

My Top 20 Tech Tools To Automate Your Business :: Check out the tech tools I use to help automate and streamline my business.

Your Business Ecosystem Map :: Visualize your business ecosystem with these 5 pillars that support your business foundation.

Filing Cheat Sheet ::  Find your documents quickly and easy with these easy-to-implement tips to help you set up an organized filing system.


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val_150Valeri Hall Little is owner and business efficiency designer at intandem and publisher of Beyond Burnout magazine. Applying her Keep It Simple System she helps overwhelmed and overstretched entrepreneurs create organized, streamlined and efficient businesses.

She will show you how to get out of the grind of running your business, so you can spend more time serving your clients and growing your business. You’ll discover what areas of your business to automate, delegate and systematize.