Productivity lessons I learned while on vacation: lesson #4

Productivity Lesson #4:  These 5 tools kept my business running 

My vacation has come to an end. I feel relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to help you work more efficiently and productively.

However, just because I’ve been on vacation doesn’t mean that I have been completely disconnected from my work … sometimes a little connection can go a long way. So, how did I do it? With relative ease, thanks to these five tools.

Here’s how I kept my productivity high and my workflow moving along, even though I was miles away from my office.

My top 5 tech tools for working remotely:

  1. Gmail. Before Gmail came into my life, I worked double time managing my email. Emails I accessed from my smartphone remained unopened on my desktop computer. Why? Because I was using a client-based email system on my desktop computer. What a time waster. In contrast, Gmail is web-based, which means that no matter what device I use, my inbox (folders, sent items etc.) looks the same.
  2. Carbonite. Oh Carbonite, how do I love thee? Not only do you give me peace of mind in knowing all my files, photos and music on my desktop computer’s hard drive are backed up, you also give me access to all those files from virtually anywhere. Carbonite markets itself as an online back up system for your computer. But while I was away, it enabled me to access my backed up documents when I needed to work on them (which I did on occasion).
  3. WordPress. Sure, it would be very efficient for me to have written my July blogs before my vacation, but it just didn’t happen. So, I had to write my blogs and post them on location. (This wasn’t such a big deal given that my blogs were all about how I stayed productive while on vacation.) I used WordPress to post content to my website and my blog remotely. Because I accessed WordPress via the Web, I could write, edit and post my blog while at my cottage.
  4. Hootsuite. I love this social media dashboard. I use it to manage all my social media networks, such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. I promoted my blogs and kept up with my social media channels all from one place. This saved me alot of time and enabled me to have online conversations in a streamlined way.
  5. Batchbook. Even though I was on holidays, I still needed to look after my clients … current and new. Batchbook is a customer relationship management system, and having it at my side while I was away enabled me to care for my clients quickly and efficiently.

There they are, the five tools that kept my business humming even though I wasn’t physically in my office. What do they all have in common? They’re all web-based. That is the key. Using web-based tools in your business will give you the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere. So book your next vacation soon and take your business with you!

How do you manage your business when you’re not physically in your office? What tools do you use to get things done while you’re away? Share your comments below and continue the convesation.

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