How to unplug while on vacation

Unplug on vacationDefinition of a vacation: An extended period of recreation spent away from home when no work is done.

Imagine you’re reclining on a beach, feeling the heat of the sun on your skin and basking in the glory of another perfect day. You can feel yourself finally letting go of your work-related stresses. And then suddenly you hear a ping on a device somewhere in the distance.

In that moment, the relaxation of your vacation is shattered.

As if awakened from a dream, you are transported back to your To Do list, to your clients and to the never-ending pull of work.

How do you escape the grind of work so you can focus on relaxing? Perhaps the real question is, why is this so difficult?

It doesn’t have to be a struggle. There is an easier way to allow yourself to escape the pressures of work. Here’s how you can successfully and confidently disconnect from work while on vacation.

1. Choose wisely – Being unplugged from work doesn’t mean disconnecting completely from the Internet. Part of your relaxation may be catching up on news or posting on social media. Using your tech to help you unwind, not wind up.

2. Delegate your inbox – If you feel uncomfortable having your inbox sit unattended for a week or two, delegate email processing to your assistant or a colleague. If an urgent matter comes up, give him/her permission to contact you.

3. Set a check-in schedule – If the idea of not being connected to work leaves you stressed, then set a time to scan your inbox each day, with a promise to only answer urgent matters.

4. Plan some off-the-grid adventures – Sometimes extreme measures must be taken. Arrange for some activities where being connected is not an option.

5. Delay your re-entry – Give yourself a day upon your return to catch up on the mountain of emails that await you. Keep your out-of-office notification on for that day and work from somewhere other than your office.

unplug on vacation

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