Three Ways to Be Productive on Your Next Flight

Working on a PlaneI just returned from a trip to Phoenix. Beautiful scenery and the weather was hot. Perfect conditions for lounging and relaxing.

While reclining by the pool, I couldnʼt help but notice how many people were hooked into technology. Laptops and smartphones were everywhere … and it was obvious it was work-related use based on the serious expressions. Those are likely the same people who come back home feeling just as worn out as when they left.

If only they had used their travel time to get their work done.

Here are the top three ways to help you be productive on your next flight, so you can unplug and fully enjoy your time by the pool:

Pick the right seat
If youʼre like me, Economy is the only option. However, with a little detective work, youʼll be able to figure out the best possible seat for working on your flight. Visit this handy website (by Tripadvisor), input your airline and flight number and presto youʼll see a detailed seatmap outlining superior and substandard seats.

Choose the right tools
Selecting the right tools to work at 30,000 feet is key to being productive. A laptop, netbook or tablet is essential. (For laptop users, an 11 inch computer screen fits most trays, even when the dude in front of you reclines to watch his favourite flick.) Noise cancelling headphones are also a necessity. They remove distracting background noises, and they send a message to your seatmate that youʼre not up for a conversation at this time.

Power Up
How many of us have started our laptops only to find the battery life is at 30%. (Iʼll raise my hand to that one!) Remember to charge up all your tech tools before boarding the plane. While in use, you can extend your battery life by closing down all extra applications and turning down the brightness on your screen. Many flights are now offering in-seat power ports (an outlet for you to plug-in). identifies which seats have that option on your flight.

Now you can kick back and enjoy that margarita you ordered!

Happy trails.

Do you have any tips or tricks to help you be productive while travelling? Weʼd love to hear about them. Share your comments below.

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