The reason your CRM sucks

CRMHave you fallen out of love with your Customer Relationship Management tool? After investing your time, money and energy to choose the right CRM for your business, you’re still not seeing the results you anticipated, and now you’re having second thoughts. Chances are, you’ve gone back to your old ways of tracking prospects, or perhaps you’re not tracking them at all, and your sales have slumped.

The easy way out is to blame the tool itself. “If it were a better CRM, it would be easy to convert prospects to clients,” you say to yourself. In fact, there is a much bigger reason why your CRM isn’t working for you.​​​​​​​

As with any tool you use to streamline your business, it comes down to the people behind it. Your CRM is only as useful as the data that lives within it. The only way for the data to exist is with the human touch.

So how can you ensure your CRM remains people-friendly? Here are three ways.

Keep it simple. If the tool you use is overcomplicated, you won’t use it. Your CRM only needs to contain prospect information, discussion notes, follow up actions with reminders and the dollar amount of the opportunity. Many CRMs come with lots of bells and whistles that make the tool too complicated to use.

Set goals. This occurs outside of your CRM but it is intrinsically connected to it. You must set goals as to how many introductory meetings (such as coffee dates) you will have per month, how many networking events you will attend or speaking engagements you will give. All of these feed your sales pipeline. Set goals and make sure your CRM helps you to monitor your status.

Take action. Follow up is the key to your sales success. Your CRM is there to support you as you move prospects along the sales pipeline. Setting reminders in your CRM to follow up with prospects is an important first step, what follows is up to you.


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