3 tricks to stop social media from sucking up your time

Social media time suckHave you seen a teenager lately? It’s rare to find one without a phone in their hand connecting with their “squad” wherever they are, whenever they can.

I am in awe every time I see my  fifteen-year-old daughter using social media. She is a master. She knows the right social media streams to use, she is proficient in how to use them, and she constantly contributes.

In an age where connectivity is the norm, it is difficult to accomplish your work without getting distracted by the pings and dings of your device beckoning you to come and share. In those moments when procrastination is winning the productivity game, there’s nothing like a good dose of Facebook or Instagram to kill an hour of your precious time.

If you’re not careful, social media will suck hours out of your day and cause your productivity to plummet.  Here are three tricks you can implement today to ensure you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to participating in social media. [Read more…]

30 powerful messages to help you work + live better

30 powerful messages to help you work + live betterHave you ever gone to an event and been blown away by the people, speakers and content? You arrive back into the real world, motivated, inspired and renewed.

I’m still on the post-conference high from the Women in Leadership + Business Conference, where I was asked to speak on productivity. For two days I was in the company of thought leaders, game changers and motivators.

While I was there I kept thinking of you. Specifically, how best to share all that I’ve learned to help you work better and with more ease. While this is by no means a comprehensive list, it gives you a glimpse into some powerful messages that will inspire you to work (and live) better. [Read more…]

App of the Month – Click to Tweet

The word apps spelled out in colourful blocks.The app this month is a handy tool that will help you use Twitter to get more eyeballs on your website.

It’s called Click to Tweet and it’s an easy way to promote your business on Twitter. With a single click your readers can tweet quotes or other content right from your blog article.

Here’s a video to show you how to create your Click to Tweet link in 5 easy steps:

[Read more…]

5 Tips for Increasing Your Visibility on LinkedIn

Is your LinkedIn profile at 100% yet? I know mine isn’t. I’m chipping away at it, getting a little done every couple of weeks. But just the other day I realized this isn’t enough. One of my goals as an independent professional is to use LinkedIn to its full potential and drive people to my profile and my business page. Why? Because online marketing is key to building my reputation, attracting leads to my business and generating ideas and discussions with like-minded professionals.

This week we have a guest blogpost by LinkedIn specialist, Anita Windisman. She provides us with five ways we can improve our LinkedIn profile.  [Read more…]