How to make your clients feel at home in your business

how to make your clients feel at homeThis past weekend was my Dad’s 99th birthday … yes, he was 70 when I was born! (wink, wink)

Because we were travelling from out-of-town to attend the celebration, we decided to rent a house.

We arrived and the house was lovely. It was out in the country, surrounded by trees and rolling hills. As we settled in, things took a turn for the worse. [Read more…]

A sure-fire way to accomplish your work

LucyI love autumn.

The air is crisp and cool, the trees are full of colour and I get to wear big comfy sweaters.

It’s a great season to take my dog, Lucy, for a walk in the park. Usually, we have an hour to romp and play, but this day was different.

I had a project to get done, so this walk was all about Lucy doing her business … and fast.

But as we entered the park, it looked like a squirrel party. They were everywhere and Lucy was in heaven. Her all-time favourite thing to do is chase squirrels.

As I watched her burst into a full sprint after a squirrel who dashed toward the nearest tree, I could feel myself getting progressively frustrated.

Couldn’t she just focus and get on with the task at hand?

And then I thought of you!

Are you wasting your time and energy chasing squirrels rather than getting on with your work? [Read more…]

Beat the bottlenecks in your business

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 10.40.07 AMBottlenecks in your business are like having a bad head cold. Just as your nose gets congested and your head feels heavy when you’re sick, so too does your business when experiencing a bottleneck. You’ll notice your workflow gets clogged and your business becomes sluggish and inefficient.

Symptoms also include piles of paper on and around your desk, tasks remaining undone and rising stress levels.

The first step in finding relief is to identify the bottlenecks. That’s not always easy to do on your own, so I’ve put together a list of the top five common business bottlenecks and what you can do to beat them. [Read more…]

Everything I need to know I learned from Mom

momHave you ever heard the expression, what would your mother say?  These words often go through my head as I make decisions and move through my day. Although my mom is no longer in this world, I still hear her voice giving me guidance and helping me deal with life’s challenges.

I was lucky to have a mom who was able to pack a ton into her day (and life).  I believe she gave me my appreciation of being organized and my passion for being productive.

So I dedicate this blog to my mom. I’d like to share some of her wisdom in the hopes it may help you get more done in your day and in your business. [Read more…]

3 ways to create a beautiful inner business

PaintingThere once was a boy named Steve. He was painting the fence around his house. When his dad came outside to inspect his work, he said, “Steve, you did a great job on the front side of the fence, but you didn’t do such a good job on the back side of the fence.”

Steve said, “Dad, that’s because no one will see the back side of the fence.”

To which his dad replied, “We will.”

Powerful message.

The Steve in this story is the late Steve Jobs. He took this philosophy of excellence and made it the cornerstone of Apple. He instructed his technicians to build a computer that was just as beautiful on the inside as it was on the outside.

Why should your business be any different? [Read more…]

5 habits that are secretly killing your productivity

Wasting timeHave you ever reached the end of your work day feeling like you didn’t accomplish anything? You worked eight solid hours, skipped your lunch and only left your desk when nature called. Still you feel worn out and deflated.

How is that possible?

Well, my friend, you’ve become a victim of a productivity killer. These are habits that are preventing you from being efficient and effective at work.

Often you don’t even know you’re doing them. They seem innocent enough at first, but left too long, they wreak havoc with your time and energy.

If work leaves you feeling unfocused and overwhelmed, check to see if any of these habits sound familiar. Then, follow the action steps to lead you back to a place of control and calm.

[Read more…]

5 areas of your computer that need spring cleaning

Keep clean your laptopIf computers could have dust bunnies, I know five corners in which they’d hide. These areas are often forgotten and become easily clogged and congested with old files that take up valuable space on your computer’s hard drive and exhaust its operating resources. The result is a slow and sluggish computer.

Before spending money on computer maintenance or buying more RAM, a thorough spring cleaning may be all that is needed to restore and renew your computer’s performance. [Read more…]

5 ways to escape the analysis paralysis trap

iStock_000008156617_editWho would have thought your brain could sabotage your productivity? It’s true, and here’s why.

Entrepreneurs are creative people. It’s a fact. That’s why we went into business for ourselves. We embrace our creative side. We’re proud of it. We love to show it off and reap the many accolades it brings. But there is a dark side to our supercharged brains.

It goes by many names: analysis paralysis, overthinking, obsessing. Whatever you want to call it, the outcome is the same… delays, bottlenecks, wasted time.

How do we, as creative entrepreneurs, restrain our instinct to let our imagination get the better of us? I’m going to share 5 ways you can get over yourself and get things done in your business. [Read more…]

What to do when there’s no WiFi

airplane_mouseAs I write this, I’m on a flight coming home from Australia. This means I have 22 hours in the air with no access to the Internet. For some that would be a big stressor, but I prepared ahead of time for the journey with a list of things I could do to stay productive.

Being offline is actually quite liberating. Think of it as time for you to focus on the task at hand. For me, in between the in-flight service and a couple of movies (I loved Hope Springs and The Hunger Games), I’m managing to get a ton of work done.

For when you’re faced with a similar situation, here are the five things I planned to accomplish while unplugged from the Internet: [Read more…]

5 ways to ensure “Doing Lunch” doesn’t kill your productivity

lunch_timeI love to eat.

This makes me an ideal candidate for going out for lunch. I find Doing Lunch is a great opportunity to take a break from my office and feel the vibe of the outside world. It’s also an important way to network.

However, there is a down side to taking this kind of break in my day. If I don’t make the most of it, it can be a big, fat waste of time.

The reality is this: Doing Lunch is a commitment of time, money and energy. These are three resources that are vital to your personal productivity. [Read more…]