7 steps to clear your inbox

Email Inbox declutter

Is your inbox getting you down?

These 7 steps will help you get back in control of your jammed inbox. Even if you implement just one, you are making a positive change to how you deal with your email: [Read more…]

3 ways to use your inbox to get your work done

email inboxYou’ve probably heard of (and likely experienced) the battle of the inbox. I work with so many people who have a love/hate relationship with their email mailbox. There’s no doubt, it can be a source of frustration, stress and distraction. However; email is likely your primary communication tool at work

So I’m here to help you make friends with your email again, and use it to accomplish your important work. Here are 3 ways to get your started: [Read more…]

An easy way to keep work away from your holiday

The warm weather has finally arrived for those of us in the northern hemisphere. Chances are you’ve got at least one trip planned so you can kick back and relax.

The key word being relax.

If you’re the type of person who checks work emails while you’re supposed to be on holiday heres a quick and easy way to avoid falling into that trap.

While you may be tempted to keep your phone in your pocket, ever-ready in case of a work emergency, resist that temptation.

In this video I’ll show you how doing one little thing will keep those pesky work emails at bay.

Twitter logo All work and no play is not good for the soul. Felix Sabates

Are you ready to take this week’s Shortcut? Commit to it in the comments below, schedule it in your calendar, and make it happen. I’d love to hear how you prepare for your vacation.

The 7 habits of highly effective emails

emailLet’s face it, we’re all a bunch of addicts. It’s always on our mind.

You know what I’m talking about. No, not chocolate … it’s our addiction to email. I’m not going to suggest you schedule specific times in your day to check it, or lecture you on turning off notifications that ding, pop up or vibrate when a new email arrives. Those are all relevant points … just not in this blog.

What I’m here to talk about is this … if you’re going to be consumed by email, you might as well be good at writing them. So, I’m going to share 7 proven ways you can enhance your email writing skills so your messages grab the recipient’s attention, get opened and get acted upon. [Read more…]