Spring clean your computer

Getting organized is a natural part of spring. I’ll bet you have the urge to shed the excess and start fresh. Your workspace is no different. Somehow, purging the paper, putting away the clutter and creating space gives you a sense of renewal.

My advice is to go with that feeling!

When you’re in the mood to do some spring cleaning, remember your computer. Although you can’t see all the clutter that lurks behind the screen, it is there. It’s sneakier than paper clutter. It slowly clogs up your computer making it slow and sluggish … the perfect conditions for wasting your time waiting for files or applications to load.

This week’s Shortcut will help you spring clean one particular area of your computer where the digital dust bunnies love to collect.

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Organize Your Computer Desktop

uncluttered computer screenThis is the second of a three-part series on organizing the digital side of your business.

If your computer desktop is littered with random documents, it’s time to get organized. One, because it’s a mess and finding files in a mess takes more time and energy. Secondly, because it slows down your computer. All those homeless files take up operating memory from your computer. With less memory available your computer will run slower.

Clutter is a catalyst for wasting time. Tweet That!

It might be overwhelming to think about organizing those files, but if you followed the steps in the first part of this series, getting your computer desktop clear off will be a cinch.

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