How to paint a picture of your business

Have you ever paused to reflect on the type of business you’re building? If you’re like most busy entrepreneurs, I suspect the answer is no. Perhaps you have a business plan or a general (yet fuzzy) picture of what you’re building. Or, perhaps you haven’t had the time because you’re too caught in the frenzy of your rapidly growing business.

Let’s change that for you today.

In this video, I’ll tell you about the three things you must consider when answering the question: What kind of business do you want to build?

I promise this will be a quick, yet powerful, exercise. No doubt, it will divert your attention away from the busy of your business, so the future can come into clear view.

Who knows … you may be surprised by what you see!


Do you need a CRM?

Business owners ask me this question all the time: Valeri, do I need a CRM? The quick answer is yes, a CRM, or Contact Relationship Manager is an essential tech tool to help your rapidly growing business build client relationships and boost sales.

A CRM, when used correctly, is more than just a database of names and phone numbers. For example, tracking details of conversations is one key way to use your CRM. Trying to keep all those points in your head is an exercise in futility. And your brain is not wired to do that much remembering.

In this video, I’ll share with you the 3 key ways you can use your CRM to keep your sales pipeline flowing with ease.


How to be an award winner in your business

This is the time of year where award ceremonies are running rampant. The Grammy’s, Emmy’s, Oscars to name a few.

On a smaller scale there are other awards being given out. In fact, I was just at an awards ceremony for a global networking group of which I am a member. As the recipients took the stage, I was struck by what “qualified” them to be an award winner.

Three things resonated with me.

In today’s video, I’ll share with you those three things that will set you apart from others in your field. Doing these three things will springboard you and your business to levels you may have only dreamed of and will make you a true leader in your field.


How to break free from perfection paralysis

The one thing I know about perfection is that it is impossible to reach. The more you try to attain it, the more elusive it becomes.

I have struggled for years with being a perfectionist. In fact, some days it still is a struggle.  Sometimes I hide behind it for fear of putting myself out there. Can you relate?

If you have perfectionist tendencies (and who doesn’t), this video will help you.

I share the mantra that helps me, every day, break free from the perfectionist trap. I hope it helps you too.


Here’s what 3 little pigs can teach you about your business

You know how the story goes … each pig with a house constructed from different materials.  Each one having a unique result when the wolf’s breath makes contact.
The same is true for your business.
How is your business built?
Is it structured to handle what is coming its way?
  • A rush of new clients.
  • You stepping away for any period of time.
  • A crisis.
In this video I encourage you to think about the bones of your business … and take the next step to strengthen its foundation so it’s ready when the wolf comes to call.

How to make this your best year … ever!

Are you ready for the New Year? Do you have your goals mapped out? Perhaps you bought a new Planner to help you get the job done.

I’d like you to hit the pause button and consider something for a moment.

What support mechanisms do you need in place to make things happen?

Creating your business goals can be the easy part. Sounds crazy, right? Writing them out, breaking them down, putting the next steps on your TO DO list; these are all passive actions.  Until you make them happen by giving them a solid foundation to thrive, they run the risk of being left behind in the busyness of the day-to-day. 

Here’s the secret ingredient that is missing … 

In order to give life to your goals, you need support structures.

You didn’t get this far all on your own. You may have had an assistant helping you get your newsletter out, a computer to help you write, or maybe a cleaning service at home so you could free up your time and energy.  

I encourage you to think about the support structures you need to put in place so your goals will happen this year.

In this video, I share three areas of your business that need support structures to propel your goals forward and make this your best year ever.

Why I gave my client a promotion

It might seem impossible to give yourself a promotion when you work for yourself. But last week, I did just that. I promoted one of my clients. Actually, I often promote my clients without them even knowing it!

She was doing everything in her business: from scheduling meetings to sending out invoices. Not only did she often feel like she was burning out, she bogged down her projects and her team. Why? Because nothing got done without her seeing it, checking it, approving it.

She was accustomed to running her business this way. After all, that’s how things had always been done. Not to mention she was a bit of a control enthusiast.

What she didn’t realize was her business had changed. Among other things, she had a waiting list of ideal clients who wanted to work with her. She often wished she could clone herself.

I helped her see that if her business was going to grow into her vision, she needed to promote herself. If she wouldn’t do it … I would.

In this video you’ll hear the story of how I helped my client step into her new role, what that new role was, and how she reacted when I told her about it. No doubt, you will see some of yourself in her … and perhaps you’ll consider taking the next step I map out for you.


2 simple ways to boost your productivity

Do you ever wish you could clone yourself so you could get your work done faster? You may wonder how it is that other people appear to get so much accomplished while you are left with only one thing crossed off your TO DO list at the end of the day.

While cloning yourself does sound enticing, it’s likely not the solution you need.

Instead, let’s boost how you work, to ensure you are using your productive energy to the maximum.

In this video, I share two performance-enhancing techniques that are so easy, you can start using them today. I use these myself, as do my clients, and they have caused our productivity levels to skyrocket. That’s what I want for you.

Prioritize your TO DOs easily and efficiently

Do you struggle with making a decision on what to work on first in your day? Maybe you know what to work on, but it keeps slipping away because your inbox is full of emails from people who all want a piece of your precious attention.

Before you know it, you’ve just spent the first hour of your day working on someone else’s priority.

Let’s change that for you.

Let’s make sure you are focused on achieving your important work … not someone else’s. Let’s protect you from those pesky distractions that come in and hijack your day.

In this video I’ll share with you my system, that I use myself and with my clients, to make prioritizing your tasks easy, so you get the right things done.

My secret to getting more done

As the year draws to a close, you may be focusing on 2018 and what it means for your business. No doubt, you’ll see a lot of organizing supplies, planners and workshops on the market, all promising to help you prepare for the year ahead.

I like to take a practical approach to help you get your work accomplished. I’ve developed this system from years of experience giving productivity workshops and working 1:1 with my clients. My system is based on a three-step productivity formula called Focus First™.

In today’s video, I’ll show you the foundational first step of Focus First™ that you can take right now to give your productivity the boost it needs. Imagine starting 2018 with a fresh list of goals you know you will accomplish.

If you feel frazzled at the end of the day, or if you’re tired of having your priorities slip to the bottom of the list, then this video is for you.

P.S. After you watch, please hit return and let me know if you’ve heard of the game I mention in the video. I’m really interested.


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