My secret weapon for stress-free travel


This is a three-part series with tips and tools to take the stress out of business travel.

The season for business travel is upon you. Whether you’re going to a conference, attending client meetings or pitching new business, organizing all the details of your trip can be a chore. I have three trips planned in the weeks ahead and I can already feel my stress level rising.

Thankfully I’ve discovered my secret weapon for making travel easy and efficient. My flights, transportation, hotels and activities are all stored in one handy app called TripCase.

Here are some of the features that make TripCase my go-to travel companion.

Centralized details
Having all my travel information (including confirmation numbers) in one place means no last minute panic trying to find the email in my inbox.

Adding travel details is automatic
No duplication of data entry is required. When I receive the confirmation email, I simply forward it to and my travel details are automatically added to my itinerary.

Review related documents
When I’m going to a meeting, it’s useful to have meeting details such as registration time, agenda and even attire at my fingertips. TripCase has an area called Documents which is command central for all the additional information related to the events scheduled during my trip.

Sync with my calendar
Importing my trip details from TripCase into my online calendar means all my travel details get scheduled to keep me on track in the busy days ahead.

Share my trip with others
It’s easy to keep others updated on my trip. I simply share my entire itinerary or arrival updates with someone and TripCase will automatically keep them updated on my trip, so I don’t have to.

Remember places along the way
I always come across restaurants, shops and scenery along my travels. TripCase remembers all these new favourite spots for me. All I have to do is click the + icon at the bottom of my smartphone screen. In just two clicks my discovery is added to my itinerary for future reference.

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