How to stop doing everything in your business

“If I want something done right, I’ll do it myself.”

These words may have become the mantra for running your business, and may have become your belief system.

You want things done your way and you believe it will take you longer to tell someone how to do it than if you just did it yourself.

And that’s how your DIY business is created.

The reality is this … doing everything yourself is impossible, impractical and it’s no fun AT ALL. More importantly, it isn’t sustainable for you or your business.

Watch how you can change the DIY mantra that may be replaying in your head that leads you to do things you really don’t like doing in your business (and likely aren’t that good at doing!)  

Your challenge this week is to be aware of when the DIY mantra starts playing in your head, and to change how you respond.

At first, it may take you more time to train someone how to do things, or to write out a step-by-step system for getting it done. Remind yourself that this is time well invested in you, your team and your business.


  1. Great reminder Valeri – got this just as I was about to embark on a task that would be faster for me to do. I decided to pass it on. All is well! Thanks for your brilliance.

    • Hi Janine. I’m glad this served as a timely reminder for you. I’m even more glad that you moved the task from your list to someone else’s. Stay in your Zone of Brilliance my friend. That is where you shine and where you truly make a difference in the world and to the people who need you.

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