25 things to keep you productive this summer

summer_smallDistractions run rampant during the summer.

Something happens in our brains when the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and our clothes are lighter and more comfortable.

It’s difficult to stay focused, motivated and productive at work when the great outdoors beckons.

Harder still is having to work around other people’s summer vacations (co-workers and clients alike), summer hours and longer lunch breaks.

To make things easier, I’ve put together 25 things you can do to stay productive this summer when things slow down at the office. Pick one or two, or work your way down the list. You’ll feel more on top of your workload when things pick up again.

25 things to keep you productive this summer

1. Check if you’re on track with your business/career goals.

2. Clean your office.

3. Show appreciation by taking a colleague or client out to lunch.

4. Get out of the office and go for a walk.

5. Update your website.

6. Write blogs/articles you can use when things get busy again.

7. Update your social media profiles.

8. Get your bookkeeping done.

9. Do your filing.

10. Clean off your computer desktop.

11. Clean your computer keyboard.

12. Get your email inbox to zero.

13. Move all those nagging tasks from your head to your To Do list.

14. Check in on your financial targets to see if you’re on track.

15. Send emails to your business prospects.

16. Unsubscribe from newsletters you never read.

17. Empty your downloads folder on your computer.

18. Read How to Be a Productivity Ninja.

19. Make a list of routine tasks to delegate.

20. Take an online course.

21. Catch up on your reading.

22. Back up your computer hard drive.

23. Book time for your next vacation.

24. Start an exercise regime.

25. Join a networking group.

I’m sure you can think of more things to add to this list. What are some things you could get done this summer to keep you productive? Share them in the comments below and we’ll continue the conversation.


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