The secret sauce to making habits stick

The secret sauce to making habits stick

Last year I lost 15 pounds.

I hadn’t planned on losing weight, it was a side effect of seeing a naturopath and going on a three-month cleanse. Part of the cleansing process was sticking to a healthy diet, eliminating alcohol and taking vitamins.  I felt great. For a moment.

After the cleanse ended, I went back to my usual patterns. The glasses of wine, the bread and no vitamins. The weight also returned.

One year later I’m right back where I started

Looking back, I now see how much time, energy and money I wasted for a brief glimpse into what could be. With the help and accountability of the naturopath gone, as well as the healthy eating routine and reward of the dropping weight, I went right back to my usual ways.

That’s when I thought of you

Have you danced with the greatness of being productive, only to have it disappear and your usual patterns return?

Perhaps you went to a workshop, heard a motivational speaker or read a book. Immediately you put some practices into play and felt great. But when the stresses returned, so did your old ways.

The secret sauce to sustainable habits

Believe + Accountability + Reward = Sustainable Habits

For a good habit to come to life, you must believe that it is possible. If you don’t have the right mindset, your head will be filled with doubts and negative self talk.

Have an accountability buddy, hire a coach or join a mastermind group. It’s one thing to let yourself down, it’s another to let someone else down.  Tweet that.

Celebrate your success with something special and meaningful.

For your habits to remain changed, you must believe change is possibleTweet that!

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