The secret ingredient to make your productivity soar

FocusDo you believe time management is the answer to all your productivity problems? If so, it’s time for a reality check. Time management is a big lie. There, I said it.

The truth is you can’t manage time. We all have the same 1,440 minutes in a day. The only thing you can manage is yourself: your attention, concentration and energy.

To successfully accomplish your work, you have to hone and own this one thing you can control …

Focus is your productivity superpower.

According to a 2015 Microsoft survey, the average person has an eight-second attention span – less than that of a goldfish. Being constantly connected, your brain gets conditioned to always look for what’s new and what’s next.

If you really want to accomplish more of the right work, in less time, then strengthen your mental muscle. That’s the one supporting your ability to get and stay focused.

Here are three ways to help you flex your focus:

1. Prepare for your workday. Just as an elite athlete prepares for the next race, so too should you prepare for the next task. Sit quietly and take three deep breaths. This will quiet your mind and turn on your focus.

2. Pinpoint what is worthy of your focus. If you don’t know what’s important, it’s impossible to put your focus in the right place. To be effective, you must align your focus with your values and your definition of success.

3. Picture what a productive workspace looks like for you. Imagine it and then create it. Chances are you know what distracts you. For some it’s music, while others work better with music in the background. Whatever distracts you, turn it off. It’s that easy.

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