Scary stories about running your own business – part 2

scary batThe nightmare of launching a website

Just when you thought your website was safely tucked away on the Internet, you realize what you believed was real was in fact an illusion.

This spooky tale comes from my client who recently had a gruesome experience when she launched her newly designed website.

It was a dark and stormy night …

Lynne, went to her computer to check out her brand new website. She was so excited to have it finally launched. Clients, colleagues and friends had given it rave reviews. She wanted to behold its beauty one more time.

That was not to happen.

When Lynne put in her website address, she saw something so horrifying she let out a blood-chilling scream.

The beautiful design had been replaced by a foul-looking version.

Her striking image of a flower had vanished from the home page. The colours that branded her company were replaced by horrendous hues. It was a shocking sight to behold.

Was she hallucinating?

She typed in the URL again.

The same ghastly image appeared.

After a few moments of panic and fear, Lynne knew she had to get control.

So, she took some deep yoga breaths, called me and we worked out a plan of action.

First, she had to find out how this had happened. Her web hosting company could provide some answers. After a brief conversation they told Lynne the evil-doer was none other than her website designer.

You can imagine Lynne’s surprise.

Her next call was to the fiend. Full of spite, the designer refused to put back Lynne’s redesigned website. Lynne knew she was getting nowhere with this discussion, so she ended it.

She called her web host again and in the end they were able to save the day. With some good old fashioned hocus pocus, they got Lynne’s beautiful website back up and locked out the designer once and for all.

Case solved.

Now Lynne has made it her mission to understand her website. That’s not to say she’s going to become a geek.  What she is going to do is get chummy with WordPress so she knows how to update her content and manage her site. This includes removing users who have access to her website’s back end.

As Lynne so eloquently put it:

“I want to be proactive with my website. I want to feel more in control and empowered so I’m no longer scared of it. My website is not my enemy. I have to start treating it like my friend.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Have you ever had a scary experience with your website. Share it below and let’s continue the conversation.

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