Scan, snap and save to boost your mobile productivity

I’ve become a mobile scanning addict.

I don’t know how it happened. It just snuck up on me and before I knew it I found myself whipping out my smartphone at will, snapping a picture, scanning it and then saving it to Evernote.

Before I go on, I must caution you. What I’m about to share with you is highly addictive. Once you discover how easy it is to snap, scan and save, you’re world will change forever. You’ll be more efficient, productive and people will be amazed at how tech savvy you are … which means your credibility will skyrocket.

How to boost your efficiency when you’re on the go

I’ll bet you thought no one would walk around with a scanner in their pocket, right? Well, think again. Thanks to some handy little apps, it’s now possible to turn your smartphone into a portable document scanner.

These apps come in a variety of flavours, but essentially they all do the same thing. Using your smartphone’s camera, these apps translate a picture into a document that can be filed, shared with others or uploaded into Evernote.

I know this may sound daunting. I thought the same thing when I first heard about it. But then I tried it and realized it’s as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Take a picture of the document you want to scan.
  2. When you see the scanned document on your smartphone screen, check and change the edges to make sure all the content required is in the box. You can do this by using your finger to drag the corners.
  3. Save the document.

The third step is where your productivity will soar. In last week’s blogpost, I talked about Evernote. Evernote is a digital, virtual notebook that stores and organizes all your digital notes. Well, the Evernote story gets better. Two apps in particular … JotNot and DocScanner … work really well with Evernote. Using these apps you can easily send your scanned documents directly into Evernote. Later, when you need to reference the document, you can rest assured you’ll find it filed away in your Evernote notebook. If you forget where you put it, no worries. The scanned documents are searchable, so you can find them easily.

So, next time you’re meeting with a client and they show you a magazine ad they love, or a memo they received, or even the receipt for the lunch you just paid for … take out your smartphone and snap, scan and save so you’ll have your own digital copy for your files and reference.

How do you scan, store and organize you documents when you’re on the go? Share you comments below and join the conversation.

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