Saying thank you has never been easier

Thank YouHow many of you have written your thank you cards for the gifts you received during the holidays? If you’re like many people, the answer would be “not yet” (meaning not ever).

My mom was a stickler for making me write thank you notes. Every year after Christmas, she’d ask me if I’d written my Thank You Notes. When I got into my teens, I can tell you this was the perfect excuse to roll my eyes and let out a big sigh.

Fast forward to present day. I still hear her voice asking me the million dollar question. But, thanks to her years of training, I’ve got it covered.

Saying thank you is something few of us do enough. The reasons? Lack of time and sheer laziness. I’ve heard these excuses before … “It takes too much time” “I don’t have any cards” “I don’t have stamps” “I can’t remember who gave me what.

Well I’m here to help you get over these excuses with a tech solution that will help you say thank you in less time, with creative style and with great ease.

It’s called Red Stamp. It’s a handy app that enables you to send out thank yous and a ton of other personalized cards and notes, plus invitations and announcements right from your iPhone, iTouch or iPad. (We’re hoping that it soon comes to a BlackBerry or Android too.) Another great feature is it’s FREE.

If you’re stuck on print, Red Stamp will print a high-end, eco-friendly paper postcard and mail it directly to your list of recipients, postage included.

You can even include your own photo in the card.

Here are the top features:

  • A clever card-finding feature allows you to scroll and select the perfect design pre-filled with editable sentiments.
  • More than 500 thank you notes, greeting cards, invitations, announcements and personalized stationery, each with multiple color schemes.
  • Photo-friendly designs, giving you the ability to personalize using your own photos.
  • A virtual mailbox to help you manage your favorite and sent cards.
  • Seamless integration with your device’s contacts to easily address and mail paper postcards to everyone on your list.
  • Postcards printed on premium, eco-friendly white card stock.

Saying thank you, particularly in business, just makes sense. I could tell you it’s because it builds customer relationships, increases sales, or boosts team morale and enhances their performance. These are all valid reasons. But the real answer is … it’s just good manners.

Now, listen to my mother and go write your thank you notes.

How do you typically say thank you? Have you received a memorable note or gesture of gratitude lately? Join the conversation and share you comments below.

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