Want to save time? Talk to your friends.

Call a Friend and Save TimeI just spent 10 hours picking lice out of my daughter’s hair.

That is time I will never get back. That is time my daughter will never get back.

But it was necessary. Any parent out there who has lived through this kind of ordeal will attest to the fact that you will do anything and everything in your power, including re-prioritizing your life, to get rid of these little beasties.

As I was searching and picking, I kept thinking there must be a better, more efficient way to do this. But I just kept focused on the task at hand. After many hours and lots of dollars later, we were through the worst of it. In the clarity of the moment is when I realized what that better, more efficient way would have been.

If I had reached out to my network of friends when this happened. If I had put the word out and asked if anyone else had been through this. I would have found out about the handy dandy nit comb, which would have saved me at least 6 hours. If I had asked around I would have found out that some benefit plans cover the medicinal shampoo. That would have saved me more than a hundred bucks.

I would have saved time and money. I would have gotten to the solution with less frustration and aggravation. I would have been happier. My daughter would definitely have been happier.

So my advice. When you find yourself faced with a task or tasks that will eat up large chunks of time, reach out to your network of friends and colleagues. They may just have a magic comb for you!

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