Three easy ways to use QR Codes for your business

Scan for a quick way to create your own QR Code.

I’m always on the hunt for ways to attract and strengthen relationships with customers. Given that I’m into tech and want to use it to move my biz forward, I’ve kept my eye on this QR Code thingy. I’ve wondered if it’s worth all the hype. So, I did the research, downloaded the QR Reader app and got down to playing with this barcode on steroids.

If you’re not familiar with what a QR Code is, the QR stands for Quick Response and it’s an image you scan with your smartphone’s camera (once you’ve downloaded a QR Reader app) to link you to a website with more information, a promotion, contact information etc. The rationale is it’s quicker to scan than to open your browser on your smartphone and type in a long URL. Plus, there’s the cool factor, a must have these days when it comes to technology.

But are people really using them? Is it worth the effort? Will it benefit my bottomline? The answer is yes, if it’s used properly. Here are 3 ways you can use QR Codes the right way for your business.

  1. Add value – People are tired of always being sold something, and they certainly won’t follow a fancy link to make it happen. Use a QR Code to add value to the information you’re providing, not to directly sell your service. For example, realtors use them on For Sale signs to provide more information about a house listing.
  2. Give something – Instead of selling something, give something. Use a QR Code on your business card to link the user to a website where they can sign up for a free session with you or a discount on your services. The possibilities are endless.
  3. Put it somewhere that makes sense – Putting a QR Code on a billboard sign is just plain silly (we’ve all see those). Put it somewhere the user will have the time and inclination to use their smartphone to scan it. Business cards, flyers, posters and articles are great places. Make it clear where the user will go and what information they will find if they scan the link.

Like any tech tool, if it’s used properly and with some thought to the end user, it will pay off for your company. If it’s used just because everyone else seems to be doing it, stop and think first. Will it really benefit your customer … and your business? To me, that’s the bottomline.

Have you used a QR Code in your business? Have you ever scanned one?  Share your comments in the box below and join the conversation.


  1. After you Blog, does it then get bumped over to your Articles and slotted into Article Categories?
    What’s the process here?

  2. Thanks for the helpful insight Valeri. I’m just about to include one on a flyer I’m creating and was wondering really what it’s all about. Now I have a much better, and simpler, understanding.

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