Are you at risk of becoming a productivity zombie?

ProductivityHalloween is my favourite time of the year. While it’s fun to see the houses decorated and the kids in their costumes, most of all I love the mini chocolate bars. So many kinds, so little time.

This spooky time of year also reminds me of the dreaded productivity zombie. If you’re unsure of what one looks like, here are three key features:

  • Reduced speed of movement relative to normal humans
  • Profoundly reduced or absent cognitive function
  • Ignores or is oblivious of fellow zombies

What has turned these once A-type go-getters into productivity zombies? It’s hauntingly simple. They have succumbed to bad habits. Sometimes the transformation is gradual and often goes undetected.

If you think you might be turning into a productivity zombie, here are 10 traits to be aware of:

  1. Multitasking – You start kidding yourself that you’re getting more work accomplished by doing two things at once when actually what you’re doing is delivering sub-par work.
  2. Succumbing to distractions – Your resistance is waning against the two worst offenders: entertainment websites + social media.
  3. Perfection paralysis – Projects don’t move forward because you believe what you’re doing is never good enough.
  4. Having an oversized To Do list – It keeps growing despite you crossing off your completed tasks.
  5. Too many tools – Your toolbox of websites and apps is overflowing, but you still aren’t getting enough done.
  6. Always saying Yes – Your inability to say No to other people’s priorities has left you with no time to work on your own deliverables.
  7. Not automating recurring tasks – You waste precious time on tasks that could be systemized and automated.
  8. Scheduling too many meetings –  Your day is so overscheduled with meetings you end up having to work evenings and weekends.
  9. Procrastinating – You keep putting off those “hard” tasks because something more interesting always comes along to grab your attention.
  10. Living in your email inbox – You get stuck in the black hole that is your inbox, which leads you away from accomplishing your priority tasks.



If you think you might be turning into a productivity zombie it’s time to take action. Recognize the unproductive habits that are creeping into your daily routine and take steps to make a change.

Of course, if that doesn’t work, you can always eat chocolate



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