Three easy ways to use QR Codes for your business

Scan for a quick way to create your own QR Code.

I’m always on the hunt for ways to attract and strengthen relationships with customers. Given that I’m into tech and want to use it to move my biz forward, I’ve kept my eye on this QR Code thingy. I’ve wondered if it’s worth all the hype. So, I did the research, downloaded the QR Reader app and got down to playing with this barcode on steroids.

If you’re not familiar with what a QR Code is, the QR stands for Quick Response and it’s an image you scan with your smartphone’s camera (once you’ve downloaded a QR Reader app) to link you to a website with more information, a promotion, contact information etc. The rationale is it’s quicker to scan than to open your browser on your smartphone and type in a long URL. Plus, there’s the cool factor, a must have these days when it comes to technology.

But are people really using them? Is it worth the effort? Will it benefit my bottomline? The answer is yes, if it’s used properly. Here are 3 ways you can use QR Codes the right way for your business. [Read more…]

How to make tracking your mileage less of a pain

One of my least favourite admin tasks for my business is doing my expenses. Unfortunately, it’s not something that I can delegate. As a solopreneur it falls to me to gather receipts, indicate who I was meeting and why, and the worst part of all … tracking my mileage.

I just get a block when it comes to logging my car mileage. Since I’m an incorporated business, I have to track it so I can get reimbursed. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting the money back. However, even that didn’t always get me to stop procrastinating and get on with the task.

Thankfully, a handy little app came into my life that changed everything.

[Read more…]

The Power of a Cupcake

cupcakeI recently gathered with seven other women entrepreneurs to learn how to use social media tools to market our businesses. We came from many different backgrounds, working in a variety of industries. There was a Feng Shui consultant, a personal trainer and a mortgage broker, to name a few. The energy in the room was high. We were all eager to learn how we could apply these tools to grow our businesses.

Then reality set in. How the heck were we expected to find the time, let alone have the ability, to implement all these great ideas? Although we were a group of talented, creative and intelligent women, we froze in our tracks. [Read more…]

Website Organization 101

website maintenanceI have a confession. I’m not the greatest shopper. I especially don’t excel in stores where there are endless racks, jammed full of clothing, shoes that are scattered everyhwere and accessories that are a jumbled mess on any clear surface. It makes it difficult for me to find what I’m looking for, it wastes my time and frustrates me.

So, when I walk into a store where everything is where it should be, isles are labeled clearly and merchandise is layed out well, I’m in heaven. It takes me no time at all to find what I need so I can get on with my day. And, I’m more likely to return.

Your website should be just like that: well organized, clearly labeled and simple to use. Here are some tips to help you get it that way. [Read more…]

How to declutter your website

Three workers carrying WWWDoes your website resemble the closet under your basement stairs … jammed with random items? Is it full of things you’ve never bothered to clear out simply because they’re hidden from your view and your attention?

In my former career as a website consultant, I worked with a number of clients whose secondary use for their website was to archive documents (usually in the form of a PDF). As we moved toward redesigning their website, we spent countless hours inventorying their content, deciding what should stay and what should go … and trying to figure out WHY the heck those documents and pages were there in the first place.

If you’ve just launched your website and feel everything is how and where it should be, then there’s no need to read any further. But, if you’re like most people and feel your website could use a spring cleaning, read on. [Read more…]

How to take control of your passwords

Online Password SecurityI froze this weekend. Not because I was at a ski hill and the temperature was chilly. It was because I was trying to log in to my Netflix account to view a movie and couldn’t remember my password. (Please tell me this has happened to you too!) I tried a few different guesses, until I finally gave up and had to go through the pain and humiliation of clicking the Forgot Your Password? button and resetting it. Wasted time, wasted energy and worst of all my popcorn got cold!

These days, we have so many passwords to remember. We all go online to do our banking, check our social networks and shop. Many of you tell me you’ve resorted to having one password for all your accounts — a definite no-no when it comes to online security and preventing identity theft (more on that later). There is a solution. It’s safe, secure and easy to use. It’s called a password manager. [Read more…]

Fall in love with your technology

Happy Valentine’s Day!

7 Stylish Valentine Tech Gifts for Under $50

Heart“It’s not a romantic gift if you can plug it in.” These were the wise words of my very close friend when we were discussing gift giving for Valentine’s Day. She speaks from experience. Her husband once gave her a fire extinguisher as a gift. I am not kidding. As you can imagine, that gift didn’t go over very well. He’s still in her bad books for that one.

But, that story got me thinking.

Can a tech-focused gift be romantic? Can it express your true feelings without making your Valentine run for the hills? Well, after some careful research, I’ve found 7 stylish and romantic tech gifts for Valentine’s Day that are sure to show you care. [Read more…]

5 Ways to Dispose of your Electronics Responsibly

Electronics RecyclingLast weekend I was enjoying a peaceful walk in nature with my best pal, Lucy. She’s my 4-year-old Airedale Terrier. As she was running up and down the hills in the ravine chasing squirrels, my eye caught a very depressing scene. There, laying in the bushes was an old computer monitor. It was black, smashed up and ugly.

Today, there are so many ways to dispose of electronics in a safe, environmentally friendly way.

So if you’re thinking of getting rid of that old computer, cell phone or printer, here are five ways to do it responsibly. [Read more…]

Saying thank you has never been easier

Thank YouHow many of you have written your thank you cards for the gifts you received during the holidays? If you’re like many people, the answer would be “not yet” (meaning not ever).

My mom was a stickler for making me write thank you notes. Every year after Christmas, she’d ask me if I’d written my Thank You Notes. When I got into my teens, I can tell you this was the perfect excuse to roll my eyes and let out a big sigh.

Fast forward to present day. I still hear her voice asking me the million dollar question. But, thanks to her years of training, I’ve got it covered.

Saying thank you is something few of us do enough. The reasons? Lack of time and sheer laziness. I’ve heard these excuses before … “It takes too much time” “I don’t have any cards” “I don’t have stamps” “I can’t remember who gave me what.

Well I’m here to help you get over these excuses with a tech solution that will help you say thank you in less time, with creative style and with great ease. [Read more…]