Organize your workspace for maximum productivity


The ability to focus and do your best work is directly related to your surroundings. A place where you are able to get your best work accomplished, in less time and with less stress.

When you have an organized office, your productivity soars, you feel calm and in control of your workload.

Here are 5 things to include in your office to make it a productive and inspired setting in which to get things done.

1. Landing Zone
This is a collection point in your office so items don’t get randomly strewn about or end up in piles on the floor. The landing zone is typically two trays on your desk: an in-tray on top for new documents, and a To Do tray on the bottom for items you still need to act upon.

2. Working Zones
There are two distinct zones in your office based on the type of work you set out to accomplish:

  • Computer Work Zone: This is where you spend most of your time getting your work done. In my case, this zone is a stand up desk.
  • Non-Computer Work Zone: This is a clear work surface where you can comfortably read, sign and scan documents, as well as open mail and sort through your in-tray.

3. Uncluttered Desk
Perhaps the most important spot in your office, your desk is command central for getting your work done. Make sure it is clear of clutter so you can focus on the work at hand and not be distracted by miscellaneous items that didn’t get put away.

4. Covered Storage
This could be a desk drawer or a cabinet with doors, but it is essential to have a place to contain larger items that don’t get used on a daily basis. It is also used to store supplies such as extra business cards, printer cartridges and file folders. 

5. Inspiration Reminders
Having this type of area in your office serves as a reminder of why you do what you do. It could be a beautifully framed photo of your family, a motivational picture or an Inspiration Board on your wall with words and images. This helps to keep you anchored to your values and focused on what matters most.


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