Organize Your Computer Desktop

uncluttered computer screenThis is the second of a three-part series on organizing the digital side of your business.

If your computer desktop is littered with random documents, it’s time to get organized. One, because it’s a mess and finding files in a mess takes more time and energy. Secondly, because it slows down your computer. All those homeless files take up operating memory from your computer. With less memory available your computer will run slower.

Clutter is a catalyst for wasting time. Tweet That!

It might be overwhelming to think about organizing those files, but if you followed the steps in the first part of this series, getting your computer desktop clear off will be a cinch.

Here’s how …

Here are 3 easy steps to getting your desktop cleared off.

Step 1 :: COLLECT

Goal: To deal with the obvious items and contain the rest.

Scan your desktop and do the following:

  • Put files/documents that you immediately deem as unnecessary in the Trash bin.
  • File documents that you immediately know where they should go. (If you created your Filing Foundation from last week, this will be easy. If not, click here to read that article.)
  • Create a new desktop folder called CLUTTER CONTROL.
  • Put any file that you don’t immediately know where it lives in CLUTTER CONTROL.
  • Empty your trash.

Result:  Your desktop is now clear.

Step 2 :: FILE

Goal:  To liberate files from CLUTTER CONTROL.

Open the CLUTTER CONTROL folder and ask yourself the following questions for each file:

  1. Do I use it?
  2. Do I need it?
  3. Is it the most current version?
  4. Can I get a more current version elsewhere whenever the need arises?

If you answered Yes to any of the above, then keep the file and put it in the appropriate file in your Filing Foundation.

If you answered No to any of the above, it’s time to trash it. (Note: if you feel uncomfortable this create an Archive and put it in there.)

Result: Clutter Control is empty.

Step 3 :: Review

Your computer desktop is now clean and clear. As a rule, only keep file folders of projects you are currently working on or documents that you access daily. Keep a CLUTTER CONTROL folder on your desktop too. As random files come up, you can put them in there until you have time to file them.

Spend five minutes at the end of each workday to clear off your computer desktop and put files in their place.

Your computer (and your sanity) will thank you.

Now it’s your turn

How is the state of your computer desktop? Have you made a resolution to keep it uncluttered? Share your comments below and let’s continue our conversation.

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