How to be a minimalist business traveller

How to be a minimalist business travellerRemember your last business trip? Do you recall cramming a bunch of papers, pens and folders into your briefcase? Did you pack too many clothes and not the right ones? When travelling for business, the last thing you want to do is lug around stuff you don’t need.

Make your next business trip feel effortless by travelling like a minimalist. Here’s how …

Be paperless 
Storing your documents in the Cloud ensures you will have them at your fingertips whenever you need them. For business documents you’ll need at your location, have them shipped in advance.

Travel Tip: Planning to work on the plane? Download your files onto your laptop before boarding.

Stay charged
Make sure all your tech tools are fully charged and ready to go. Remember to pack your power cords too.

Travel tip: Invest in a portable charger to bring along as a back up.

Carry on your luggage
Waiting at check-in and again at the carrousel to pick up your bags is a waste of time. Everything you need should fit into a roller carry-on suitcase and a briefcase.

Tip: Select a briefcase that slips over your luggage handle. It makes it easier to maneuver around a busy airport.

Pack strategically
Layer your clothes in the order in which you will wear them. Toiletries must be in small containers according to travel regulations. Make sure to check the weather and pack accordingly.

Travel Tip:  Check out this link to a fun video to help you pack for business travel. 

Here’s to working (and travelling) efficiently, effectively + productively!

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