Messy desk? Here’s a simple solution.

Do you have a messy desk?

When you need to find something, do you know exactly where it is … or do you waste time and energy searching for it?

If this sounds familiar I’ve got one word that will change everything.

To be efficient and productive, you need it … and I”ll show you how to get it.

Are you ready to change the way you work?

Commit to it in the comments below, schedule it in your calendar and make it happen!

If you have tips on creating an efficient and productive workflow, I’d love to hear your insights. Share them below and let’s continue this conversation.


  1. Love it Valeri! I already have a system similar to this (I am allergic to mess :)), but I never thought of it in these terms. Of course, it’s about energy flow! makes sense now. Thanks :)

    • Hi Laura! You have a great point about energy flow. Keeping it moving in your workspace is so important to keeping you motivated and invigorated. When things get congested, works seems “hard” and tiring.

  2. Love this! The inbox and the outbox must have been what I was missing all along. Love the visual of the “energy flow.” It’s like chi. I just never thought of it on my desk before.


  3. Perfect timing Valeri! I love the landing strip analogy (my husband’s a life long private pilot).
    I have used an in tray but the issue for me is that it is always full and then I forget what’s in there! I think I need your help more than I realize!!! Love the video – love the background – so organized. It’s inspirational!

    • Hi Bonnie. The next step to the intray is to set a time in your day to go through it. Schedule the time in your calendar so it becomes “real” to you. It will take some thinking and effort at first but before you know it, emptying your intray on a daily basis will become a habit!

  4. I burst out laughing when you asked: Is your desk messy? YES! YES! YES! and it was driving me crazy. I was caught up in an endless loop of moving piles of papers so I could simply work. Cleaning the desk just seemed too daunting and I couldn’t even think about it. Then came your timely short cut. Finally a way to think about cleaning my desk and a strategy to accomplish it. So, last Saturday I went to the store and bought an in/out box and a file holder. Voila! Two short hours later I had a clean, functional work space. But more than that, I have a plan, a workable plan not just an intention, to keep it that way. Thank you!
    (PS If you want before and after photos, I have them – but it would need to be anonymously posted. My desk top was an embarrassment.

    • Thanks for sharing your success story Kathryn! Often it’s the simple solutions that yield the greatest results. For continued results make sure you schedule time to process the items in your in-tray and empty your out-tray on a regular basis. Doing this will keep the positive workflow moving through your workspace. I’d love to see your photos! Here’s to your continued success.

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