How to manage projects for ultimate efficiency

manage projects for ultimate efficiencyDo you feel like some of your days are out-of-control; as if the clock is on fast forward and you’re exhausted just trying to keep up? As a business owner, you are guaranteed to have hamster-wheel days; however, too many will leave you on the brink of burnout.

There is another way to work

More than likely you have too many TO DOs to keep track of on a post-it note or in your head. To be highly efficient and effective, a project management system is a must-have in your digital briefcase.

Having a project management system is your secret weapon to accomplishing your work with as little “chicken-with-its-head-cut-off” stress as possible. If you’re overwhelmed by all the moving parts of your projects, creating your project management system with the right tech tool to support it, is the key to success.

Here’s how to look at your project management system:

Signature System + Project Hub = Project Management Success

The Signature System

Start with having a Signature System. This is the unique service-delivery approach you use to help your clients solve their problems. It’s all the touchpoints, checkpoints and milestones a project goes through from start to finish. When you have mapped out the flow of your Signature System, then you’re ready to find a tech tool to bring it to life.

The Project Hub

Your Project Hub is command central for your projects. All tasks, deadlines, tracking and communications flow through this tool. Typically, the project hub is web-based with a mobile app so details are accessible to everyone, at any time, wherever they are located. Having all the project details safely kept in one place will seal shut the cracks that make tasks mysteriously vanish.

Features to consider when looking for your virtual Project Hub are:

  • Centralized file management
  • Chat feature with your team
  • Calendar to track project milestones
  • Process templates
  • Time tracking
  • Ability to integrate with other tools you use
  • Easy to use and nice to look at!
  • Digital notes
  • Milestone tracking

Start with the end in mind. Complete your Project Management success by having your Signature System and Project Hub in place.

manage projects for ultimate efficiency

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