How to make time for your important work

Make time for your important workWhen was the last time you had a day where you accomplished 100% of your work? Have you ever had such a day? Many people I work with struggle with having their time hijacked by other people’s priorities.

In the ongoing battle for accomplishing your work done, there is a secret weapon I’m going reveal. I’ll also show you how to use it to complete those tasks lingering on your To Do list.

Your secret weapon
It’s your guide to where you should be and what you should be doing during your day. Your secret weapon is your calendar and it’s the key to getting your work done.

Thinking of your calendar in a different way means you will use it in a different way.

Here are some techniques you can implement right away to transform your calendar into a productivity powerhouse.

Book thinking time early in the day
Reserve time early in the day for tasks that require your peak energy and focus. Creative projects, strategizing and critical thinking are best done first thing in the morning.

Make appointments with yourself
These meetings are reserved for you and your priorities. Be realistic with the amount of time you give yourself to complete your tasks. If you think it will take an hour, reserve 45 minutes.

Add buffer time
Undoubtedly, your day will be sprinkled with surprises. Build in buffer time to accommodate unforeseeable events.

You’re not the energizer bunny
Schedule breaks throughout the day to maintain your productive momentum. Use this time to recharge and renew by walking, stretching or meditating.

Narrow your availability
Making yourself too available means you will waste time in meetings or dealing with other people’s priorities. Having gaps in your calendar leads to ambiguity on what you should be doing, which in turn leaves you vulnerable to procrastination, distraction and wasted time.

Think of your calendar as an extension of your To Do list. To experience the joy of ticking off tasks, you must schedule time to accomplish them.

Make time for your important work

Use your calendar to plan your workday. Doing so puts you in control of your time and your workload.

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