How to make your clients feel at home in your business

how to make your clients feel at homeThis past weekend was my Dad’s 99th birthday … yes, he was 70 when I was born! (wink, wink)

Because we were travelling from out-of-town to attend the celebration, we decided to rent a house.

We arrived and the house was lovely. It was out in the country, surrounded by trees and rolling hills. As we settled in, things took a turn for the worse.

First, the password for the WiFi was nowhere to be seen. Despite our attempts to reach the owners, they never responded. The result was four days using our own data (cha ching!)

Second, there were no instructions on how to use the oven, which looked like a relic from the ’50s. The result was a half-baked Breakfast Strata. Not very tasty.

Third, there were no garbage bags, hand soap or toilet paper rolls to be seen. Very inconvenient.

In the end, we muddled through; however, I will think twice before I recommend this house to others.

Staying there was complicated.

That’s when I thought of you.

How do you welcome clients into your business and make them feel at home?

Enter the Welcome Package.

It’s your way of greeting new clients, showing them around your business and letting them know how to do things.

This gesture goes a long way. They’ll become repeat clients and gladly refer you to others.

Here’s what to include:

  • A personalized welcome letter from you.
  • A useful gift with your logo on it (notepad, cookies or even a pen).
  • Instructions on how they can pay you (online payment makes it super easy).
  • The best way to reach you (phone, email, text) and your typical response time (24 hours).
  • An introduction to your team (photos and bios are a nice touch).
  • Lastly, make sure you follow them on all social media channels and invite them to follow you.

Remember, people never feel welcome amidst disorganization.  Tweet That!

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