Keep your reading in your Pocket

Pocket logoIf you’re like most people, you have a ton of reading to do. It may be newspapers, magazines or work documents … but many times it’s something you come across while browsing the Internet.

So what do you do when you randomly stumble upon an interesting article that you want to read, but don’t have time in the moment? Well, there’s an app for that and it’s called Pocket.

Pocket is a free tool that lets you save content you discover through the browser on your computer, smartphone, tablet or e-reader. Pretty much anything you find online can be saved in Pocket: articles, videos, photos, recipes, you name it. The best part is it automatically syncs across to your phone, tablet and computer so you can view it anytime on any device, even without an Internet connection.

Here’s how it works

Create an account

To get started, set up a Pocket account. Go to, provide your name, email and a password and you’re ready to go.

Install the bookmarklet or app

To start adding content to your Pocket, you’ll need to log into your account and add a bookmarklet to your browser bar. Pocket walks you through this process step-by-step with easy-to-follow instructions.

You’ll also need to install the Pocket app on your smartphone, tablet or e-reader. Simply, go to the app store or marketplace, search for Pocket and download it. Again, easy-to-follow instructions guide you through the process.

Adding items to your Pocket

Now you’re ready to add content to Pocket.  Next time you’re on your computer and you come across a webpage you want to read later, click the Pocket  bookmarklet and a drop-down confirms you’ve saved the page.  It also gives you the option to add tags to the page, which is great if you like to organize your articles.

Saving something to Pocket via a mobile device simply requires you to email it to the Save to Pocket email address you created during installation.

Using Pocket

When you’re ready to read any of your saved content, open the Pocket app on your mobile device or got to on your computer and all your articles will appear. You can customize how they appear, either all items displayed in a list or categorized by articles, videos or images.

Organize Your Content

This is the part I love. You can organize your content using tags. When you click on an article you’ll see a tag icon. Click that and select an existing tag or create a new one.

A word of caution: to prevent your tags from getting out of control do some pre-thinking. Create a set of tags that fit into categories that make sense to you. Keep it to about 10 or 15. For example, so far my tags are Productivity, Efficiency, Organizing, Recipes, News, Technology and Family.

Sharing is Caring

You can also share your content with others. You can email it to someone or send it to some of your social media sites like Twitter or LinkedIn. You can even send it to your Evernote account.

Next time you find yourself waiting in line, get some reading done. It helps pass the time and keeps you productive while on the go.

Your call to action

Think about where you could use Pocket to catch up on your reading. For me it’s waiting in line at the grocery store and waiting for my kids to finish a lesson. How about you?

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