How to use your voice to get more done

microphoneI just bought the iPhone 4S. I couldn’t resist.

I did have a business reason for making this purchase, it wasn’t only for fun and games. The main reason was to meet Siri. As it turns out, I like her so much, I’ve made her part of my team.

Who is Siri? In my mind she’s my new assistant. In the real world, she’s Apple’s voice recognition software, and she came built into my new iPhone.

Here are the top five things Siri does for me:

  1. takes dictation
  2. transcribes email and text messages and sends them
  3. answers my questions
  4. places my calls
  5. lets my husband know if I’ll be late.

The best part is she’s voice activated. I just say the words and Siri gets it done.

Someone asked me recently what I thought the next technology trend would be. Without hesitating I said voice recognition. By that I mean, talking to your computer and having it perform a function for you. Siri is one option, but there are a number of other apps out there that will work, depending on your needs. Here’s an example to show you what I mean.

Recently, a client came to me with an issue. She’s a busy corporate professional woman and her only downtime during the day is in the car driving to and from work. Downtime enables her brain the freedom to let all those great ideas flow. Ideas that don’t always come when she’s busy with her daily work. Ideas that involve strategic planning, usually.

She needed a solution that would help her capture those great ideas when they come to her in the car. Enter Dragon Dictation. This solution was perfect for her because it’s a free app that she could download to her iPhone 3G. Connecting through her Bluetooth headset, she’s able to dictate her notes and Dragon Dictation converts her words into text. Once complete, she exports the document into Word and emails it to herself. (Of course she does this last step when she’s parked in her driveway.) It’s all hands-free for safety, it’s easy and it suits her needs. I’ll be checking in with her to see how she’s doing with it.

There are other voice recognition apps and software out there, such as MyCaption and Vlingo. The one that’s right for you depends on your needs, your comfort level and your working style.

If you’re interested in exploring voice recognition software, sign up for a free discovery session with me. We’ll spend 30 minutes on the phone and at the end you’ll have a clearer idea of which direction to turn.

Do you use voice recognition technology? If so, we’d love to hear from you. How do you use it? When do you use it? What difference does it make to your workload? Write your comments below in the Comments box and join the conversation.


  1. I’ve used Dragon for about a year. Not much lately. But it is pretty good. Does Siri work well for sending text messages? I really need to address my ‘texting-while-driving” habit.


    • Yes, Siri does work well for sending text messages. A word of caution. When driving, always use Siri hands-free through a Bluetooth device. Otherwise, you’ll be breaking the law and putting yourself and others at risk. No time like the present to break that nasty habit. Thanks for the comment!

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