How to stop doing what you stink at doing

Stop SignI’m just back from a conference where I joined 150 other entrepreneurs to learn how to market our businesses more effectively. I was excited about learning how to spread the word about intandem so I can help more people like you … who are determined not to burnout of your business.

We did a bunch of very helpful and interesting exercises, but one in particular brought you to mind. I’m going to share it with you AND give you a downloadable PDF so you can do it yourself.

To start the exercise, we were asked to map out all the “stuff” we do in our businesses sorted into these four quadrants:

  1. Stuff you LOVE to do
  2. Stuff you LIKE to do
  3. Stuff you CAN do
  4. Stuff you STINK at doing

After 5 minutes of draining my brain of all the TO DOs I have on my list, my business reality was all out in front of me. Sorting it into the 4 quadrants was eye opening. Mine looked like this:MyFocus

It turns out the last 2 areas are things in your business that don’t make you ANY money. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do them, just the opposite. These are the things that support your business and make things run smoothly. Without them, everything would crumble.

What it means is this: If you’re stuck in the grind of operating your business, you won’t make money and you’ll burnout. Tweet that!

Your Shortcut this week I will help you get out of the grind so you can spend most of your time in your brilliance.

Click this downloadable PDF to Find your Focus and take five minutes to fill it out. I know you’ll find it revealing. Then think about how you can relieve the stress by automating, delegating or systematizing the CAN and STINK quadrants of your business.

If you need help, I’m here. Click this link to book a complimentary Productivity PowerUp session with me.

My question for you is this …

What is the 1 thing you don’t like to do in your business and how have you addressed it so it’s off your To Do list? Please share this with me in the comments and let’s start a conversation. I can’t wait to read your comments below.

Have an effective, efficient and productive day!



  1. Valeri,

    Your posts often seem to be exactly what I need to hear, just when I need them.

    I can’t wait to work with you on delegating my “can” and “stink” list so I can focus on what I love – it’s time!

    Rachael Kalinsky,
    Order in the House

    • Hi Rachael. I’m glad the message resonated with you. I’m so excited to help you “clone yourself” so you can remove those things you don’t enjoy doing from your To Do list. Congratulations to you for taking that step!

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