Get more done using the Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro_timerIt’s easy to get overwhelmed when your To Do list is as long as your arm (or two arms)! Some days you may feel that you haven’t even made a dent in all those tasks that still need to get done.

When I first heard about the Pomodoro Technique, I was skeptical. I couldn’t imagine interrupting my work flow by taking breaks. How would doing that help me get ahead? Shouldn’t I just keep ploughing through it all?

After using this technique, I quickly discovered that this really does work.

Watch the video below and I’ll show you how easy it is to incorporate Pomodoro into your workday and how it will help you get more projects completed.


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Are you ready to take this week’s Shortcut? Commit to it in the comments below, schedule it in your calendar (and set your timer!) and make it happen!


  1. Joan Roulac says:

    oh thanks for the reminder…have loved this technique and forgotten…thank you for being my fairy godmother today…a perfect magic wand for moving forward with a zillion things…much appreciated :)

    • Hello Joan! I’m so glad this helped you get motivated to move forward on your projects. It’s amazing the results that can be achieved by the power of a timer combined with focus!

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