Feng Shui your office in 60 minutes

FengShuiGuest post by Michelle Cooke Little, Feng Shui designer

People tend to complicate things. We don’t mean to, but to some extent, we all do. It’s our nature.

When our workspace gets complicated it shows. We’re surrounded by clutter, it may take on a dark, dingy atmosphere and it’s generally not a place we can be our most creative and productive selves.

Let’s change all that. Let’s simplify our workspace, using the principles of Feng Shui to take us there. It doesn’t have to be difficult. I’ll show you four ways you can implement Feng Shui in your office in 60 minutes.

Feng Shui 101

Feng Shui is an ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China. Feng means Wind and Shui means Water …  two of the most powerful forces on earth.

The principles of Feng Shui shows us how to balance the energies of any given space to assure health and good fortune for people inhabiting it.

The positive energy and harmony created in your office through Feng Shui will lead directly to your success in other areas of your life.

Feng Shui at work

Whether you work from your home office or within a corporate setting, the objectives are the same. Your office is where you run your business and where you are in command. Your desk is your power position.

Within your office, and using the basic premise of Feng Shui, to live in harmony with our environment, you can create:

  • harmony rather than chaos
  • positive energy rather than frantic or stagnant energy
  • productivity rather than busy-ness.

4 easy steps to Feng Shui your office space 

  1. Clear clutter – Scrutinize one section of your workspace at a time. Pick up every item in that one area (such as your desk), and either file it, throw it out or put it into its proper place. Approximate time: 40 min.
  2. Lighting – The proper lighting is imperative to infusing positive energy into your workspace. Try to create a blend of indoor (bright) working lights and outdoor (natural) light. Change non-working light bulbs, turn on all lights, open blinds/drapes. Approximate time: 5 min.
  3. Create a clear line of sight from your desk to your office door – If possible, situate your desk in the furthest left corner of your office from the door (your Money / Wealth Prosperity position). Face the door. Your back should never face the door. Doing so depletes your power and creates a vulnerability in your workspace. Approximate time: 10 min.
  4. Surround yourself with useful and beautiful things – Staplers, pens, paper and a computer are standard and necessary for most of us.  Beauty, however, should not be overlooked.  Hang a beautiful and inspiring piece of artwork in your office, or place your grandmother’s old crystal clock on your desk.  You won’t mind looking at the time when there are fond memories associated with the item. Approximate time: 5 min.

Spending just 60 minutes to simplify your work surrounding will pay off in the long term. The end result will be a beautiful, harmonious and balanced environment that invites health, success and abundance into your life.

Michelle_CookeLittleMichelle Cooke Little is owner and Feng Shui designer at eternaCh’i. 
 With over 20 years of corporate experience coupled with her international Feng Shui certification, Michelle is a highly motivated, dynamic and focused professional.  eternaCh’i puts Feng Shui principles into practice in your life and in the design of your home and workplace. Michelle invites you to visit her online at www.eternachi.com.

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