5 ways Evernote will change the way you work

Evernote LogoHave you heard of Evernote? It’s a virtual notebook that lets you take notes, sync files across your devices, save webpages, capture inspiration, and share your ideas with others. Bottom line … it gives you the ability to change the way you work.

In a previous blog, I wrote about how I was at a conference and Evernote was the number one app I used to enable me to stay productive. At that conference, I took notes … lots of notes … and had them instantly filed away in a digital format for future reference. It was very useful. Previously, I would have carried around my paper notebook, scribbled my notes, and forgotten about them because they were lost in a pile of paper.

Not anymore.

Interested in how Evernote can keep you more productive and change the way you work? Here are 5 ways …5 ways to use Evernote to make you more efficient

1.  Stop taking notes and start listening

Have you ever been in a meeting and been distracted because you were taking notes? One of my clients said she loved the fact that I actually sat there and listened to her during our meeting, rather than scribbling down everything she said. Evernote has constantly saved the day for me. Here’s how. I create a notebook based on the client or subject, I open a new note within that notebook, click the microphone and record our meeting. My clients never have a problem with being recorded. In fact, they sometimes ask for the recording to be sent to them.

2.  Reduce your bookmarks by clipping web pages

If you are working on a specific project and come across an article or website that you might want to reference later, Evernote can help. Instead of bookmarking the webpage in your Internet brower (where you may forget about it) use Evernote to clip and copy the site. You can then save it in the applicable Evernote notebook. The best part of saving the web page this way is that it’s grouped with all the other information related to the project.

3.  Create checklists for your repetitivie tasks

I love creating systems for my clients to manage tasks they do on a regular basis. A great way to streamline your workflow is to create checklists for repetitive tasks. This ensures you don’t miss any step needed to complete the task. Evernote has a template with checkboxes you can click to mark off each step as it’s finished. For those who like crossing items off their To Do list you’ll love this feature.

4.  Keep track of your bright ideas

You can’t control the arrival of your great ideas. Often they come at the most inconvenient times. When this happens, you may send yourself an email to remind yourself of this amazing thought, but that email ultimately gets lost in your inbox and forgotten. This is when Evernote comes in handy. When those bright ideas strike, simply write them down in Evernote. It has a mobile app so you can access it using any of your devices. So next time that bright idea comes your way, save it in a place where it will be easy to find later … in your Bright Ideas notebook within Evernote.

5.  A picture is worth a thousand words

See something that is relevant to the project your working on? Maybe it’s a billboard or an ad in a magazine. Simply take a picture with your smartphone and save it in Evernote in your client’s notebook or your Bright Ideas notebook. You can reference it later when you have time to work on it.

If you want to find out more about Evernote and how it can help you work more efficiently, book a 15 minute free phone consultation with me. I’d be happy to share some other useful tips.

Do you use Evernote in your business? Maybe you use another virtual notebook? How do you use it to work more efficiently and stay productive. Share you comments below and continue the conversation.


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