3 things to look for in a digital To Do list


Have you ever been involved in a conversation about apps? That happened to me at an event I attended. One woman asked the group, “What app do you use for task management?” There was a flurry of suggestions. People furiously scribbled down the names in their notepads.

I kept very quiet. Why? Here’s the reason:

Because I believe friends don’t pick other friend’s tech tools.

You may be so excited to download the latest app that promises to turn you into a productivity powerhouse. The honeymoon quickly ends and the tool is abandoned and long forgotten on your computer and smartphone.

Here’s the secret no one likes to talk about: all digital task managers do the same thing, just in a different way. They all:

  • track your tasks
  • set reminders
  • delegate tasks
  • have a mobile app

These are what I call the task manager essentials. Many bells and whistles get added to attract a specific type of business owner who may have refined needs.

Picking a task manager doesn’t have to be so hard if you take the right approach.

Here are 3 things to look for when choosing your task management tool:

1. Simplicity: Is it easy for you to use? If not, you won’t use it. Period. Is it fast and simple to add a task, especially when it suddenly pops into your head; or do you have to fumble around and click your way through a maze until you find the right button?

2. Mobility: Is the mobile app as robust as the computer version? Or is the app so watered down it gives you limited capabilities. Does the app sync effortlessly with your computer?

3. Integration: Does it work well with your other tech tools? Does it need to work with Gmail or Outlook? Do you need to attach documents from Dropbox to tasks? You don’t want to get too far down the road only to find the task manager you’ve chosen doesn’t play nicely with your other tech tools.

If you need help choosing a tech tool that fits your needs, let’s talk.



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