How to delegate so it actually gets done

DelegateThere’s no doubt delegation can be one of the most difficult transitions you have to make in your business. This is especially true if you consider yourself a control freak when it comes to how things get done.

Having a control mindset means you have positioned yourself to be the bottleneck in your business. There is only so much of you to go around, so setting your business up this way will lead to:

A.  Your business plateauing
B.  You burning out
C.  All of the above

How do you let go of doing the back-end boring stuff so you are able to focus on the revenue-generating activities you love?

Answer: You master the art of delegation.

Here are 5 ways to help you make the transition from DIY to being a delegating machine:

1. Choose wisely
To start, select a task that already has a system behind it. A great task to delegate right away is publishing your e-newsletter. This is one of the first tasks I ever delegated. I write all the content and my virtual assistant takes care of the rest. This saves me at least 5 hours a month, which I then devote to activities that directly impact the bottom line of my business.

2. Write the steps
Before you delegate ANYTHING, write down your tried-and-true, step-by-step process for getting it done. This prevents an onslaught of questions and you eventually uttering: “It would have been quicker if I’d just done it myself!”

3. Centralize
Store the written down process in a centralized location so it is available and accessible by your team. Best locations are cloud-based such as Google Docs or Dropbox.

4. Resist micromanaging
The key is to maintain control as you delegate. During the transition phase, commit to having regular meetings as a way to check in and quickly provide answers and clarification.

5. Be patient
Have a grace period when you delegate. You’re likely a perfectionist and expect the same from your team. One thing is certain, there will be bumps and learning curves along the way. Expect it and give it time.


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