Create your simple paperless office system

create your simple paperless office systemThis is the third of a three-part series called The Paper Chase.

Does the idea of having a paperless office bring joy and calm to your mind? Having less paper clutter around you allows for a greater flow of creativity and clarity. There are other rewards too: saved money, more time and it’s better for the environment.

Knowing where to start can be confusing. Here are three easy steps to make the transition smooth and stress-free.

Step 1 – Stop it.

Stop paper in its tracks before it makes its way into your workspace. Those seemingly innocent piles can quickly grow into mountains. Decide what documents you can receive in digital format instead of paper (i.e. bills, bank and credit card statements). Receiving these documents digitally is easy to set up. Another tip is to have a recycle bin close to where the mail gets processed. That way, junk pieces can immediately go where they belong.

Step 2 – Sort it.

Processing your paper is quick when you sort it based on these three decisions:

  1. Shall I Store it?
  2. Shall I Toss it?
  3. Shall I Do it?

Once the papers are sorted you’ll be left with:

  • Papers to file away. (Store)
  • A full recycle bin. (Toss)
  • Action items to accomplish. (Do)

Step 3 – Scan it.

Transforming paper to digital is key to a paperless office. Some documents may need to be kept in both a paper and digital format (tax, financial or legal); however, the majority can be scanned and shredded.

These three simple steps will get you started down the road to becoming a lean, mean, paperless machine. Going paperless will help you feel more in control of your documents, your workload and your workspace. Tweet that!

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