Spring is a great time to battle the digital clutter monster

Research shows that 80% of what we keep we never use. Research also shows that office workers spend an average of six weeks per year looking for things. People … if we’re going to keep this much STUFF around, the least we can do is organize it so we can find it … should the need ever arise.

But the need rarely arises, so we don’t.

Digital clutter is incidious. It’s easy to keep and easier to ignore. It’s not like physical clutter that constantly reminds us we need to put it away. We don’t tend to trip over it or bury our keys under it. What does happen is our computer speed slows down taking our productivity along with it, and our stress level goes up (WAY up). Not a pretty picture.

This story could have a happier ending, but we have to be brave. We have to charge full steam ahead and go to battle against this evil monster. Listen in to my interview with CBC Radio morning host Matt Galloway to learn how you can declutter your computer. And what better time, than spring …
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The Power of a Cupcake

cupcakeI recently gathered with seven other women entrepreneurs to learn how to use social media tools to market our businesses. We came from many different backgrounds, working in a variety of industries. There was a Feng Shui consultant, a personal trainer and a mortgage broker, to name a few. The energy in the room was high. We were all eager to learn how we could apply these tools to grow our businesses.

Then reality set in. How the heck were we expected to find the time, let alone have the ability, to implement all these great ideas? Although we were a group of talented, creative and intelligent women, we froze in our tracks. [Read more…]

5 Ways to Dispose of your Electronics Responsibly

Electronics RecyclingLast weekend I was enjoying a peaceful walk in nature with my best pal, Lucy. She’s my 4-year-old Airedale Terrier. As she was running up and down the hills in the ravine chasing squirrels, my eye caught a very depressing scene. There, laying in the bushes was an old computer monitor. It was black, smashed up and ugly.

Today, there are so many ways to dispose of electronics in a safe, environmentally friendly way.

So if you’re thinking of getting rid of that old computer, cell phone or printer, here are five ways to do it responsibly. [Read more…]

5 Ways to Stop Junk Email in its Tracks


no spamFew things are more overwhelming to me than seeing a jam-packed inbox. The energy it takes to go through each email, deciding which ones stay (and where to put them … but that’s another blog) and which ones go, leaves me exhausted. The kicker is many of these emails I consider to be junk (or spam as they are also called).

If only there was a way to curb the number of junk emails I receive.  How can I do this? How can you do this? It’s easy. Just follow these 5 simple steps. [Read more…]

5 Smart Strategies for Setting Up Your Home Office

home officeWhether you have a home-based business or you telework, setting up your home office can make or break your productivity. Here are 5 ways you can ensure the space you create inspires you to be your most productive and efficient self.

Have a Private Area

Make sure the kitchen table doesn’t become your workspace. You’ll need a private area (preferably with a door) where you can have the peace and quiet you’ll need to get down to work.

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