My secret formula to prioritizing your work

Prioritizing your work is as simple as ABC. Here are 3 simple steps to get you there.

Prioritizing your work

Step 1: Put all your tasks into the following ::

A = Business Critical :: These are the urgent things that often come up out of nowhere and whack you on the side of the head. These things pull you away from the priorities you had set for yourself. At the end of the day, you feel stressed and tired from putting out all those fires.

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How to stop doing what you stink at doing

Stop SignI’m just back from a conference where I joined 150 other entrepreneurs to learn how to market our businesses more effectively. I was excited about learning how to spread the word about intandem so I can help more people like you … who are determined not to burnout of your business.

We did a bunch of very helpful and interesting exercises, but one in particular brought you to mind. I’m going to share it with you AND give you a downloadable PDF so you can do it yourself.

To start the exercise, we were asked to map out all the “stuff” we do in our businesses sorted into these four quadrants:

  1. Stuff you LOVE to do
  2. Stuff you LIKE to do
  3. Stuff you CAN do
  4. Stuff you STINK at doing

After 5 minutes of draining my brain of all the TO DOs I have on my list, my business reality was all out in front of me. Sorting it into the 4 quadrants was eye opening. Mine looked like this: [Read more…]

3 small steps to organize the way you work

Organized OfficeMake this year count. Make these simple, positive changes to simplify the way your work.

Happy New Year!

Is this your first week back to work after the holidays?

Feeling a bit sluggish and a tad overwhelmed? Are you reflecting on those days of sleeping in, watching movies and eating cookies?

Me too.

When you look at the days and weeks ahead do you see a bunch of resolutions to keep, projects to accomplish and goals to achieve? Are you regretting how much you heaped onto your plate?Not to worry … and don’t give up. I’m here to help you achieve the most important resolutions you’ve made.

It’s all about making small, positive changes that will flex your most important muscles, get you in shape and position you to get into great work habits. 

And … it can be as simple as 1-2-3.

Are you ready?  Here we go …
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Five essential systems every business needs

GearsIs your business rocking? Maybe it’s moving so fast it’s making your head spin. Or maybe things have quieted down for you giving you time and space to rethink how you do things.

In either case, I’ll bet this thought has crossed your mind more than once: I need to change the way my business works!

Like any successful business owner you always keep a close eye on your business. You can feel when things aren’t running the way they should. Your gut tells you when you’re wasting time recreating the wheel or doing things inefficiently. You can smell a lost document a mile away, you just can’t see it!

If you want your business to thrive, it’s important to build a solid foundation of systems to support it. I call this your Business Ecosystem. It’s what happens behind the scenes – things that are integral to how your business is organized and how it functions.

Without a healthy and balanced Business Ecosystem, you may start to see your business as “hard.” You’ll feel overstretched, overcommitted and overwhelmed. [Read more…]

How to get your inbox to zero

HTBAPNWhen you opened your email inbox today, did you feel overwhelmed or in control?

If you’re like most people, your inbox likely stresses you out.

In today’s video, I’m going to share with you one of Graham Allcott’s secrets for getting your inbox to zero. Who is Graham? He’s found of Think Productive and author of the book How to Be a Productivity Ninja. It’s a book that offers practical tips and worksheets to help you worry less, achieve more and to love what you do.

Twitter logo  Until we are distracted, solitude is a thinking environment. Nancy Kline

Are you ready to take this week’s shortcut? Commit to it in the comments below, schedule it in your calendar and make it happen.

P.S. Click this link if  you’d like to purchase How to Be a Productivity Ninja.

Spring clean your computer

Getting organized is a natural part of spring. I’ll bet you have the urge to shed the excess and start fresh. Your workspace is no different. Somehow, purging the paper, putting away the clutter and creating space gives you a sense of renewal.

My advice is to go with that feeling!

When you’re in the mood to do some spring cleaning, remember your computer. Although you can’t see all the clutter that lurks behind the screen, it is there. It’s sneakier than paper clutter. It slowly clogs up your computer making it slow and sluggish … the perfect conditions for wasting your time waiting for files or applications to load.

This week’s Shortcut will help you spring clean one particular area of your computer where the digital dust bunnies love to collect.

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Messy desk? Here’s a simple solution.

Do you have a messy desk?

When you need to find something, do you know exactly where it is … or do you waste time and energy searching for it?

If this sounds familiar I’ve got one word that will change everything.

To be efficient and productive, you need it … and I”ll show you how to get it. [Read more…]

Your conference planning checklist

Image of a Conference AgendaIf you’re planning to attend a conference in the near future, there is a lot to do to prepare. It takes more than bringing along some business cards and a notepad. Being organized will help reduce your stress and keep you focused on the speakers and the people you are meeting.

Here is a thorough checklist to help you get the most value from your time and the money you’ve invested. At the end of the article, you can download a PDF version. [Read more…]

Close sales faster using eSignatures

Electronic signatureIn every business there comes a time when you need to get someone’s signature on a document. Whether it’s a proposal, approval forms, working agreements, contracts etc. the goal is the same: make the process of sending, signing and managing documents easy.

The truth is your business efficiency will come to a grinding halt the minute you need someone to sign a document. If you’re like most solo and micro business owners, you still rely on your clients taking time out of their busy day to print, scan and email or fax the document back to you. This is a colossal waste of time and effort. Not only is it time consuming and cumbersome, it often leads to delays.

Anything that takes a person more than a few minutes to complete will  fall to the bottom of their To Do list. Guaranteed.

Before you know it, you’re spending time and effort following up with emails and phone calls … that is if it doesn’t slip through the cracks.

Here’s how to make the signing process easier. [Read more…]

5 tips to protect your financial documents at tax time

Tax Time Sticky NoteConsider the Heartbleed virus as your wake-up call to get serious about protecting your private information, especially at tax time.

Whether it’s your emails, social media posts or personal/business records, Heartbleed is a reminder of how vulnerable you are when you’re online.

But there are other culprits — fire, flood and theft — just as eager to snatch away your private data.

So how do you keep your financial data safe?

Ensuring your private information is safe and secure is up to you. As you prepare to file your taxes, you’ll want to consider putting some systems in place to protect your financial records.

Here are 5 tips you can use to protect your financial records at tax time [Read more…]