Your checklist for unplugging from work while on vacation

unpluggingThe definition of vacation is “taking a break from work” or vacating the office. There are three very important reasons for taking a vacation from the busyness of work: to relax, renew and rejuvenate.

You need downtime, otherwise, stress and burnout will come knocking. Tweet that!

A recent HR management study showed that 40% of workers “feel more productive and better about their job” when returning from vacation. Stats or not, think about how YOU feel when you return from time away from your office.

It’s likely you feel a sense of wellbeing that comes with giving your brain and your body some time away from the daily routine.

The truth is it’s getting harder to completely disconnect from work while on holiday. Expectations from clients and colleagues may have impeded your ability to feel guilt-free when you’re offline.

Here’s a quick and easy checklist you can use to prepare for your off-the-grid downtime and make unplugging easier so you can enjoy your time away. [Read more…]

5 crazy things I do to recharge when I’m sick of working

5 crazy things I do to recharge when I'm sick of workingIt’s 9:15 am and I already know I’m going to have one of those days. The kind where the easiest task feels like a chore. The kind of day where I feel really, truly L.A.Z.Y.

Sound familiar?

When I feel this mood set in, I know it’s time for a boost; otherwise, I’ll spend my time procrastinating, getting distracted and wasting time.

Here are 5 crazy things I do when I’m sick of working and have to recharge to get things done. [Read more…]

My secret formula to prioritizing your work

Prioritizing your work is as simple as ABC. Here are 3 simple steps to get you there.

Prioritizing your work

Step 1: Put all your tasks into the following ::

A = Business Critical :: These are the urgent things that often come up out of nowhere and whack you on the side of the head. These things pull you away from the priorities you had set for yourself. At the end of the day, you feel stressed and tired from putting out all those fires.

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3 Ways to Reignite Your Passion for Your Business

Another Valentine’s Day come and gone. Did you receive flowers from your business? How about a box of chocolate? Maybe a nice card?  Me neither. (Sigh.)

reignite passion for your business

Sometimes loving your business can feel one-sided

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way. A few tweaks, mixed with a dose of productive habits, and you’ll be doing the Tango with your business in no time!

Here are three easy steps to reignite the passion [Read more…]

5 ways to regain the passion for your work

heart_treeIt’s time to bring back that loving feeling for what you do!

Remember the excitement you felt when you launched your business or started on your career path? Everyday was exciting and new. You loved it and you flourished.

But then something happened to stamp out that spark that used to burn so brightly.

For me, it crept up on me quietly yet deliberately.

I didn’t even know the passion was leaking out of me until one day I woke up and felt empty.

In that moment, I didn’t jump out of bed anxiously anticipating the workday ahead. Instead I pulled the covers over my head and tried to hide. It was then I knew I had burnt out.

That was 5 years ago when I was a web consultant.

Looking back at it all, this is what I know for sure. [Read more…]

A sure-fire way to accomplish your work

LucyI love autumn.

The air is crisp and cool, the trees are full of colour and I get to wear big comfy sweaters.

It’s a great season to take my dog, Lucy, for a walk in the park. Usually, we have an hour to romp and play, but this day was different.

I had a project to get done, so this walk was all about Lucy doing her business … and fast.

But as we entered the park, it looked like a squirrel party. They were everywhere and Lucy was in heaven. Her all-time favourite thing to do is chase squirrels.

As I watched her burst into a full sprint after a squirrel who dashed toward the nearest tree, I could feel myself getting progressively frustrated.

Couldn’t she just focus and get on with the task at hand?

And then I thought of you!

Are you wasting your time and energy chasing squirrels rather than getting on with your work? [Read more…]

How to stop babying your business

Baby On Board

My little bundles of joy are about to turn 13!

My daughter … and my business … are about to become full-fledged teenagers. I know it sounds cliché, but they really do grow up fast.

We got the call from the adoption agency during the same week I signed my first big retainer client in my business. Nothing like adding stress to the mix!

My business and my daughter grew up together

When we brought home our daughter we were ecstatic. We excitedly bought all the stuff she’d need: a stroller, crib, car seat, toys and many cute outfits. Our world changed forever.

The same was true for my business. I excitedly created a logo, built the website and got my business cards printed. I was full of hope for the future. Finally, I was my own boss. I had a say in every part of my business. [Read more…]

Is your business taking you on a scary ride?

rollercoaster_smallSometimes running your business feels like being on a roller coaster.

I’ve only been on one once, but I’ll never forget the feeling: being completely vulnerable and at the mercy of the next unexpected turn and plummet. Quite frankly, it was scary and most of the time I felt like I was going to barf.

Have you ever felt that way about your business?

It comes down to being proactive

If your business feels like a scary ride it’s likely because you’re working in reactive mode, rather than in a proactive space.

The difference is monumental.

Being proactive means controlling situations by causing things to happen rather than waiting to respond after things happen. It means planning the future rather than working in the moment.

Working in a reactive space leaves you open to overwhelm, stress and burnout. Click to tweet!

Operating in reactive mode only serves to wear you down. You’re constantly moving from one task to another, never stopping to plan or take time to innovate and grow our business.

Most people know when they’re in reactive mode. They feel an over-arching sense of stress that grinds them down. But if you’re unsure, it’s time for some self analysis.

[Read more…]

Are you the type to burnout?

goldfishHave you ever taken a personality test? Myers-Briggs is the first one that comes to mind, but there are many. The goal of each is to give the person taking the test an indication of the different characteristics of their personality.

The theory is, once we better understand ourselves, we can be more insightful about our behaviour and why we do things a certain way, or why we do things at all.

Self-awareness can be powerful, especially when it comes to burnout.

While each person is different in their own unique way, there is this constant thread: burnout can strike no matter what your personality type.

Here are 5 personality traits of which you should be aware if you are to stop burnout in its tracks.

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10 warning signs of burnout

Matches on a row with one burnedAs an entrepreneur, chances are you’re a high achiever. Let’s face it, you have to be if your business is to succeed.

You’re passionate about what you do; however, that often comes at a price. It’s called burnout and if your business has ever felt “hard” to you, then you’re at risk.

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