App of the Month: Managing your business cards with Cardmunch

Cardmunch logoConference season is drawing to a close. You’ve made a ton of new contacts and networked your buns off. Now the time-consuming part begins … getting all those business cards into your address book and following up.

I’ve found an app that will help you with those two tasks, easily and quickly. It’s called Cardmunch and it literally transcribes the information on a printed business card, changes it to digital and automatically puts it in your address book.  Did I mention it integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn?

It’s as close to magic as you can get.

Here’s how Cardmunch works

You’ve come to the point in the networking conversation where you exchange business cards. That’s a sign that both of you are interested in contacting each other in the future. What you don’t want to happen is to lose track of that business card/contact. Too often business cards gets shoved in a desk drawer or wrapped in an elastic band to sit in a pile with the hundreds of other cards you’ve collected. That stack symbolizes missed opportunities, wasted time and wasted effort.

Turn cards into contacts

All you have to do is take a picture of the business card with your iPhone and Cardmunch does the rest. It turns the photo into a digital record and adds it to your address book. The cool part is it’s not all about technology. After you take the picture it’s humans who verify the data and ensure all the information is put in the right fields.

Automatically connect on LinkedIn

Cardmunch also enables you to make a connection with the new contact on LinkedIn (Cardmunch is owned by LinkedIn, so this part is super easy).

With the tap of your finger, you can send a LinkedIn invitation to the person. Cardmunch has a template you can use, or you can customize it yourself.

Followup made easy

You can also send your new contact a followup email to let them know you would like to stay in touch. Watch this quick video to see how:


Your contacts are backed up

Should you ever lose your iPhone you have the security of knowing all the contacts you’ve imported via Cardmunch are backed up on their website. This means you can export the contacts back to your new smartphone easily.

One great app

I have to say, Cardmunch has changed the way I handle business cards. It really makes it easy to add business cards to my contacts, connect on LinkedIn and send follow up emails.

This is a great free app for your iPhone and one well worth exploring further. Blackberry and Android users stay tuned, they say your app is on its way.

Now it’s your turn

How do you handle your business cards? Do you have a system for efficiently getting those cards into your address book and following up? Share your comments below and continue the conversation.

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