A sure-fire way to accomplish your work

LucyI love autumn.

The air is crisp and cool, the trees are full of colour and I get to wear big comfy sweaters.

It’s a great season to take my dog, Lucy, for a walk in the park. Usually, we have an hour to romp and play, but this day was different.

I had a project to get done, so this walk was all about Lucy doing her business … and fast.

But as we entered the park, it looked like a squirrel party. They were everywhere and Lucy was in heaven. Her all-time favourite thing to do is chase squirrels.

As I watched her burst into a full sprint after a squirrel who dashed toward the nearest tree, I could feel myself getting progressively frustrated.

Couldn’t she just focus and get on with the task at hand?

And then I thought of you!

Are you wasting your time and energy chasing squirrels rather than getting on with your work?

The squirrels in your day could be:

    • Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn
    • Your email inbox
    • Texting
    • Surfing the web
    • Unnecessary meetings
    • Chatting with colleagues

I know you’re faced with an endless stream of distractions that prevent you from getting your important work accomplished. So I’m going to help you make a change.

Your Shortcut this month will help you accomplish your work:

Take control of your workload by making these 3 essential steps a part of your daily habit:​

Finish your day by writing down the 3 things you must accomplish the next day and the estimated time you have to give to each task. Write them in order of importance starting with your biggest rock.

Open your calendar and put these tasks into it. Start with your biggest, most important task.

When you get to your office, avoid your email inbox until you’ve accomplished your first task. (Cheat tip: if you absolutely must go into your inbox, scan it and restrict your responses to the most urgent emails.)

As you move through your day, ask yourself:

Is what I’m doing right now getting me closer to what I must achieve today?

In order to accomplish your work you must:

​Focus on the tasks that bring you closer to your goals. Tweet that! 

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