7 ways to speed up the way you work


My favourite TV show as a child was Betwitched. It was a sitcom about a beautiful witch named Samantha. One scene that stands out in my mind was when Samantha used magic to speed up getting the housework finished. With the twitch of her nose, she moved in fast motion, cleaning like a cyclone. Within minutes the house was spic and span.

This made me think of you. Do you ever wish you could get everything accomplished at lightning speed?

Here are 7 magical ways you can create productive energy so you can accelerate your results.

1. Plan your day before it starts. List what you need to accomplish for the day or week, and schedule it into your calendar. Doing so will prevent your time from being hijacked by other people’s priorities.

2. Protect your Productivity Zone. You know you are in your Productivity Zone when you are laser focused on the task at hand. When you are in your Productivity Zone, do tasks that require deeper thinking and creativity; and resist doing low-value tasks (like checking email).

3. Pay attention to how you feel. When you are losing steam switch to tasks that don’t require your brain to be fully charged. This is an ideal time to answer emails, file documents or clean up your desk.

4. Turn off distractions. The key to getting more done faster is focus. When your work receives your full attention, you will complete it twice as fast as you would if you were surrounded by distractions.

5. Batch similar tasks. By grouping similar tasks together, you’ll get them done more efficiently because you are enabling your brain to think in one way.

6. Tackle quick-wins. If a task takes fewer than 2 minutes, do it immediately and get it out of your way. (Tip: you could batch these two-minute tasks and supercharge your productivity.)

7. Work as if you were going on vacation. Imagine you have to catch a flight at 5:30 pm today and see how your approach to your work changes.


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