7 Stylish Valentine Tech Gifts for Under $50

Heart“It’s not a romantic gift if you can plug it in.” These were the wise words of my very close friend when we were discussing gift giving for Valentine’s Day. She speaks from experience. Her husband once gave her a fire extinguisher as a gift. I am not kidding. As you can imagine, that gift didn’t go over very well. He’s still in her bad books for that one.

But, that story got me thinking.

Can a tech-focused gift be romantic? Can it express your true feelings without making your Valentine run for the hills? Well, after some careful research, I’ve found 7 stylish and romantic tech gifts for Valentine’s Day that are sure to show you care.

  1. USB Cup Warmer $13
    How many times has your Valentine had to endure a cold cup of coffee because they were so absorbed in their work they forgot about it? Well my friend, those days can be a thing of the past. This heart shaped cup warmer will keep your Valentine’s beverage toasty warm. With every sip, they’ll know you truly care.
  2. Heart-shaped Earbuds $40
    These little earbuds are the perfect gift to express yourself to your Valentine. Each time they use them, they’ll think of you whispering forget-me-nots in their ear.
  3. Tweakers Mini Speakers  $30
    These Palm-sized speakers deliver amazing stereo sound from your laptop, MP3 player, iPhone or iPad. Although they’re compact, they’ll say I love you in a big way.
  4. USB Flower Hub  $18
    While we all love getting flowers for Valentine’s Day, these posies don’t need any water and they’ll show you care for years.
  5. Smartphone Stand  $15
    This very cool stand features a micro-suction technology that grips your smartphone at any angle and grips your table or desk to keep your phone exactly where you want it. It’s like giving your Valentine a power hug.
  6. USB Car Power Adapter  $8
    Who said good things don’t come in small packages? The Tiny USB Car Power Adapter fits snugly into your loved one’s car lighter. It will keep their phone and gadgets charged.  And, with any luck, it will keep your love charged!
  7. Love Wins iPhone Case $35
    Everyone wins with this romantic case for your Valentine’s iPhone. You win because it’s romantic. They win because they’re thrilled you got them a gift. But most of all the iPhone wins because it’s protected and safe. Wrapped in love. Hmmm … who’s the real Valentine here?

What are your gift-giving plans this Valentine’s Day? Are you thinking of a tech gift, or something more traditional. Share your ideas in the comments box below and join the conversation.

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