5 ways to regain the passion for your work

heart_treeIt’s time to bring back that loving feeling for what you do!

Remember the excitement you felt when you launched your business or started on your career path? Everyday was exciting and new. You loved it and you flourished.

But then something happened to stamp out that spark that used to burn so brightly.

For me, it crept up on me quietly yet deliberately.

I didn’t even know the passion was leaking out of me until one day I woke up and felt empty.

In that moment, I didn’t jump out of bed anxiously anticipating the workday ahead. Instead I pulled the covers over my head and tried to hide. It was then I knew I had burnt out.

That was 5 years ago when I was a web consultant.

Looking back at it all, this is what I know for sure.

1.  Don’t take your passion for granted.
2.  Pay attention to how you feel while you’re doing your work.
3.  Sticking your head in the sand will only get you a mouth full of … well, sand.

If you’ve ever felt your joy of work draining away … or maybe you’re feeling it now, you aren’t powerless.

Here are 5 ways you can take action and reclaim the desire you once felt.

  1. Admit :: Be honest with yourself and aware about how you’re feeling about your work. Admit to yourself that you don’t feel as good as you used to about what you’re doing and possibly how you’re doing it.  This is the crucial first step towards regaining that desire you once had about your work.
  1. Stop :: Go inside yourself and find your answers. Question everything you do. Be mindful of your moods and how you feel while you’re doing your work.
  1. Connect :: Now go outside yourself and find powerful and meaningful relationships for support. Join an association, mastermind group or find a business buddy. Now may the opportune time to hire a business coach or consultant to help you find your way back to being passionate about what you do.
  1. Assess :: Take a holistic view of your work. Peek into all its nooks and crannies. Open the cupboards and look inside. Sign up for my Business Check Up and get a diagnostic check of the key areas of your business or your professional practice that may be out of balance.
  1. Act :: Now it’s time to take back control.  Are there things you can get off your plate by outsourcing, delegating or automating with a tech tool? Make a list and commit to these actions.

Your Call to Action: Think about an area in your business or professional practice that isn’t getting enough of your attention. What is ONE action you can take to inject some TLC  into that area? Post a comment below to share your thoughts and then jump in and get started on that action.

P.S.  If you feel like even taking 5 steps is overwhelming. I get it.  If you need help getting started, I’m here for you.  Click this link for a free 20-minute Burnout Buster call with me.

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