5 ways to keep the holiday spirit alive in your business

I’m going away with my family for the holidays.

We picked a place we’ve always wanted to visit and is as far away as you can get from the cold weather.

It’s very liberating knowing I’ll be away from all the holiday hoopla. I’ll escape the decorating, shopping and baking. However, for me, the holidays isn’t about all those things. As my good friend the Grinch reminded me, the holidays isn’t about packages, boxes or bags. It’s all about the holiday spirit.

If you’re wondering how you can keep the holiday spirit alive in your business and escape all the other hoopla, here are five ways:

1. Give thanks

The holidays is the perfect time of year to say thanks to the people who have made a difference in your business. This can be clients, vendors, suppliers, mentors, volunteers, friends … you get the idea. Whether you send a paper or digital card (or pick up the phone) the point is to acknowledge those who are special in your life and your business.

2. Celebrate

For me, the best part of the holidays is getting together with people who have played a special role in my success. Taking a long-time client out for lunch or even just meeting my business coach for a hot chocolate is a great way to celebrate the holidays together. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Most times, simple and convenient is the best approach.

3. Support your community

I belong to a community of amazing women entrepreneurs. The holidays is a great time to suport their businesses and the great work they do. For instance, I’ll buy their e-book and give it to a client, recommend their services to a colleague or recognize them through my social media channels. The holidays is a time of giving, and for small businesses your support is the best gift of all.

4. Pay it forward

Pay it forward happens when you don’t repay the person who did something nice for you. Instead, you do something nice for someone else. The holidays is the perfect time of year to implement the pay it forward idea in your business. Maybe it will become standard practice in how you work and live.

5. Charitable donations

Speaking of doing good things, now is the time to make your charitable donations. I know a bunch of businesses who do this in lieu of sending cards or gifts to their clients. Pick an organization that is meaningful to you. Make sure you let your clients know you are making this donation in appreciation for their business. Doing so makes everyone feel good.

How will your business celebrate the holiday season? Share your comments below and continue the conversation. 

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