5 Ways to Dispose of your Electronics Responsibly

Electronics RecyclingLast weekend I was enjoying a peaceful walk in nature with my best pal, Lucy. She’s my 4-year-old Airedale Terrier. As she was running up and down the hills in the ravine chasing squirrels, my eye caught a very depressing scene. There, laying in the bushes was an old computer monitor. It was black, smashed up and ugly.

Today, there are so many ways to dispose of electronics in a safe, environmentally friendly way.

So if you’re thinking of getting rid of that old computer, cell phone or printer, here are five ways to do it responsibly.

  1. Recycle – gather up all your old electronics and take them in to a recycling facility. To find a location nearest you (in Canada), go to the Recycle Your Electronics website.
  2. Donate – there are a number of organizations that accept second-hand computers or equipment. For instance, in Canada, the Computers for Schools (CFS) Program is a national, federal government-led initiative that collects, repairs and refurbishes donated surplus computers from public and private sector sources and distributes them to schools, public libraries, not-for-profit learning organizations and Aboriginal communities throughout Canada.
  3. Resell – the second-hand market is just waiting for your old electronics.  You can resell them on Craigslist, Kijiji, eBay and a variety of other reseller websites. You can also do it the old fashioned way and put an ad in your community newspaper. You won’t make a fortune, but at least you’ll know it’s going to a good home.
  4. Retain – hold off on purchasing that fancy new smartphone or computer upgrade until you really need it. You might just be surprised that the newer version has bells and whistles you’ll never use.
  5. Give it away – ask your family and friends if they have any need for a computer or old cell phone. Old computers are ideal for small kids just learning this technology. And, you won’t really care when the keyboard is used by sticky fingers and the monitor is smeared with fingerprints.

Have you recycled any electronics lately? If so, how did you do it? Leave your comments in the comment box below and join the conversation.


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